Show Meme The Way To Go Home


by Jake Block


We see it on virtually every site around the web, from Grumpy Cat to Atheist Propaganda to Christian Propaganda, etc., etc.,  The web has become flooded with memes that people, for some reason, feel convey a message that will certainly turn the tides of acceptance in favor of whatever agenda they support.  While some of them are funny, some cute, and some thought provoking, seldom are they compelling, and serve at best to amplify the log jam that passes for deep thoughts on the internet.  Now, I’m not talking about a quick picture that might illustrate your thoughts in support of something well written.  I’m talking about the plethora of “billboards” that serve as cheap REPLACEMENTS for your personal thoughts or something well written.  They’re like ten second sound bites of news… the say nothing, but give a hint of what’s going on.

We’re all guilty of it to some extent as it’s hard not to chuckle at some of the memes that pop up during the day, and damned if we don’t all post one to a site we frequent, from time to time.  The problem is, they have become a flood, clogging sites and saying little, while the actual informational content of the site goes into decline as people tire of digging through mounds of fluffy froth to get to any mental nutrition hidden beneath.  They become just items to glance over as one goes from page to page, seeing the same memes over and over again, posted by the same people, all somehow thinking that their “thought provoking” placement of a picture might stimulate support for the cause.
I’d like to think that there is something on your mind that you need to say, rather than see your talents as surfing the web to find a cute or provocative photo someone has added text to.  I have a great-nephew who can do this, he’s eleven.  I don’t know if his choice of cartoon memes is proof of erudition, but I hope that his communicative skills will strengthen as he learns that while a picture may be worth a thousand words, a thousand pictures can degrade the power of a million.

One Response to Show Meme The Way To Go Home

  • Memes. Meh. Some of them are funny, albeit a small percentage. Most of them are personal attacks. And some of them are truly insulting. You actually think dispensing with net neutrality is going to eliminate and/or remove the truly ugly stuff that comes out of the anonymous millions, in the form of memes? Unfortunately not. Because the masses feed on this stuff.

    so I laugh a couple times, and forgo the rest, because it ultimately gets personal, and is no longer funny, which is what their intention is, is it not?

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