Twilight of the Gods

by Jake Block

Ragnarok.  The end comes even for the gods, who are immortal until they face their moment of truth.  As above, so below.
Satanists who are eager to proclaim themselves gods find that it’s quite an easy thing to do, as there are no litmus tests for authenticity.  In the terms of 60s street racers, you “run what you brung,” meaning that you simply show up prepared to race in whatever vehicle you came with, whether it’s a 1942 Packard or a 1966 Mustang.  This is where the trash talking and posturing ends and one has to prove their mettle in an all or nothing race for “pinks” (registration slips.)  For the Satanist who spends his or her time on line, professing the superiority that he or she claims in being a Satanist amongst the world of mundanes, seldom is there ever a true reckoning, where the either have to put up or shut up.  There is safety in the anonymity of the world wide web and the isolation that it masks behind the concept of the online community.
What a person is in real life could or could not be what they are on line.  Most of the time there is a vast difference between the two.  In a world where one can become ZOR-YATHOG, master swordsman in the mythical kingdom of Stormseige or some other non-sensical realm of monsters, maidens and magic, is it any wonder that the same people who spend hours and hours in on-line conflicts and temporarily fatal battles might find that the same heady, although illusory, feelings and emotions might bleed over into non-role playing areas of the web… or even real life?  How many of these people would wander up to someone in the street and proclaim, “I, ZOR-YATHOG, smite thee with the 3X power of my Crystal Sword of Waygore!”   At about that time, their real life adversary would cold cock them with a well placed right cross.
Those who feel that they are immune to any backlash against them because of their “satanic affiliation” soon become reticent in the face of stark realities in which their safety, security and/or livelihood can be threatened.  It’s one thing to hold one’s personal beliefs and philosophies in the world of on-line communications, but when one decides that they wish to proudly proclaim their Satanism in the world, they are often not prepared for the consequences. People can often have strong feelings against anything that is not within their immediate realm of understanding and, like it or not, most of those who hold the keys to employment and security will most probably not be Satanists.  Telling someone with whom you are interviewing for a job, “I am a Satanist,” could very well be detrimental to your ever getting a second interview for the position.  And if you decide to drop that bombshell once you are employed by the company, you might soon find out that, despite federal guidelines prohibiting discrimination based on “religious” grounds, your employment might be short or quickly terminated, and your employer won’t even have to mention your affiliation with Satanism even once.  There are a thousand reasons to terminate an employee, and in any right to work state, all it really takes is for the employer to say, “does not fit the corporate culture.”  This can cover anything from showing up late to having an attitude that the boss just isn’t comfortable with.
I’ve known some people who feel that what they say or do really doesn’t matter.  One person spent a lot of time trying to intimidate his religious neighbors in a very religious neighborhood by wearing t-shirts that said “Hail Satan,” and plastering bumper-stickers with anti-Christian and satanic messages on his car.  He had a pretty, young wife and a very young child and he worked nights.  He said it didn’t matter to him that they vandalized his car, but had never considered the dangers of his openly antagonistic attitude on his family… alone… in a hostile area, while he was at work all night long.  So far, he has been lucky.
Even gods must have the common sense to bite their tongues when needed and lock the door at night.

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  • I have dealt with that issue for years and it never gets any easier and you can’t help self loathing because you can’t defend your beliefs for fear of losing your job and once word is out (especially among theist employers, its even harder to find a job sucks when you’re responsible for others but you do what must be done…

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