Hateful Hate

by Jake Block

“Hate your enemies with a whole heart, and if a man smite you on one cheek, SMASH him on the other!; smite him hip and thigh, for self-preservation is the highest law.”
— Anton LaVey, The Satanic Bible, The Book of Satan III
Hate is nothing unfamiliar to most Satanists.  Ask them, and you’ll be entertained for hours at the sheer number of people and things that they hate.  People.  Places.  Things.  Of course there are things to hate in this world, and there are things that should make your blood boil.  It’s these things that make people become activists for change, from civil rights to the reform of government and institutions that are concerned with the welfare and social mobility of the citizenry.
Then there is the hate of people for whom they are politically, philosophically or religiously opposed.  It’s a hatred based on little more than one’s personal choices that are in opposition to whatever their chosen adversary has chosen.  Now, it’s one thing if that adversary has attacked you personally, and then one can understand the desire to unleash Lex Talionis in its most vitriolic of forms.  A personal assault is rightly addressed and rightly prosecuted by those who have been personally injured by another with impunity.  The fear of such retaliation in many cases prevents such attacks.  During the reign of the Stuart Dynasty under James VI, the motto, “Nemo me impune lecessit” (No one cuts (attacks) me with impunity) was adopted and remains the motto of the Order of the Thistle.  When attacked personally, like the Scottish warriors of old, defend and, indeed, make them certain never to attack again.
But today we see brave warriors on the internet in a constant and hyperbolic war with ideas of others and, paradoxically, proclaiming it a war against herd mentality, and insisting that the world would be so much better if these “sheeple” would simply abandon their line of thinking and think what they… our mighty warriors… think.  The hypocrite is most often blind to his own hypocrisy.  They wage an unending war of words against not people, but ideas.  They become the thought police, declaring that this thought or that thought is verboten, unless it is one that they personally embrace as truth.  The are incapable of any conversation that does not lend itself to turning it into a captive audience for them to spew forth their venom against any and all who would dare think beyond their given station.  They rail and they posture and spend hours in crafting their attacks, never realizing that in their obsessions, they have become the captive of their foe, who now can claim victimization and garner sympathy from those that the warrior sought to impress.
When you become obsessed with anything, you become it’s bitch.  You become its spokesman and you become its bullying enemy whose tactics will always seem to be suspect in the eyes of those who read their words.  Being that they are being so vehemently aggressive over an idea, the thinking mind cannot help but wonder… “Ok… so, what’s THIS person’s agenda?  Why is it so important to THEM what others think.  And if I think something different, am I to become their next victim for intimidation?”  They soon become a parody of themselves and their hypocrisy in espousing free thought, all the while opposing it in others, soon becomes a glaring and damning truth.”
I have long believed that to show the fallibility of an idea or a concept, it’s often best to simply allow its most ardent of spokesmen to speak.
The opposite of love, it has been said, is hate.  But hate shows that you care, and care enough to make sure everyone within hearing knows it.  Hate causes you to expend energy in direct, and often futile opposition against an opponent who, if he’s wise enough to realize it, can simply feed off of your energies and milk the audience for support and attention, for they are under constant attack.  Rightly or wrongly, it is one’s enemy who will always garner sympathy in the face of withering assault.  If you wish to watch your enemy wither and his cause dry up and die, you need do nothing except ignore them.  Live your life as best as you can despite their condemnations.  Soon those within your sphere of influence will take their cues from your calm demeanor and likewise begin to shut them out as “squeaky wheels” demanding grease, while you, on the other hand, are the picture of composure and normalcy.  Those who press unpopular causes only do so where there is either a sympathetic audience, or an adversary that can make them a hero.
When you are tempted to troll your enemies, or engage in volumes of text to show how much you hate them, becoming predictable in your attack and in you rebuttal, remember that to do so shows that your enemy du jour means enough to you that you will allow them to drain your energy and waste your time in endless rounds of cut and paste threads.  For that, they will love you, as it gives them the attention that they so desire.   Return that love and call it hate, if you must, but realize that it’s a wasted and time consuming effort in the final analysis.   The wise Satanist might well consider that the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.

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