Move Along, There’s Nothing To See Here

by Jake Block

Right now, somewhere on the Left Hand Path, there are schisms and dissolutions happening that seem momentous, for the moment, but like the very galaxies that wheel and crash into one another in a cosmic cataclysm of considerable calamitousness, when it’s all said and done, much ado about nothing.  Certainly there will be casualties in any internal struggle for control of the hearts and minds of those around us, but in the end, the strong will survive and the vanquished will fade into obscurity, or reinvent themselves as something or someone else to begin again, seldom realizing their errors in judgement or method… doomed to repeat the same cycle until they finally get it right or move on to something else altogether.
They will, of course, wish to share their dramas with you, so even if you have nothing to do with the groups, don’t be surprised if your inbox becomes full of lurid tales of he said/she said, bad soap-operas that unfortunately are the stuff of the realities of those who see themselves as somehow bigger than life.  It’s a mental illusion caused by the ego boost of the internet, where every man is a king and they’re living large on Cloud Nine.  The Temptations sang about “Cloud Nine”…
“You can be what you wanna be.
You ain’t got no responsibility.
Every man, every man is free.
You’re a million miles from reality.”
The reality is that there are at least two sides to every story and in their polar opposition, the vast areas of grey in between are most often ignored, yet that is where the truth often lies.  Organizations change, people change, situations and even life itself changes.  There are those who will debate it until they’re old and gray and there are people who will contemplate, analyze, dissect and parse until the proverbial cows come home, in order to find some deep, esoteric meaning.  Most often it’s  not worth the effort.  Most often, it’s clouds in your coffee.  Most often, it’s simply the childish posturing of children on the playground in the bodies of adults.
The Sect of the Horned God takes no sides in the dramas of other groups and remains neutral towards the inner workings of other organizations.  We have our own internal mechanisms and our own core principles that we adhere to, and one of those is that we won’t air our laundry in public.  If we have internal disagreements between those members who assist in the steering of our “ship of state,” they will be handled internally and with dignity and in a calm and businesslike manner.  Members come and members go within the Sect of the Horned God, and that is as it should be, for we are interested in growth, diversity and education… learning from one another.  If one of the things that we learn is that we need to move on in a different direction, it’s not a cataclysmic disaster; simply natural evolution and change.  If you don’t evolve and change, you become stagnant and stale.
Truthfully, we have much more important things that we need to concentrate on, and we would hope that you do too.

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