Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight, or Your Own Rules To Someone Else’s Game

by Jake Block


There’s a scene in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana Jones is running through a market place and comes upon a huge swordsman with a huge Arabian Scimitar who begins to show his skills in manipulating the sword to intimidate Jones. Indiana Jones calmly pulls out his Smith and Wesson M1917 Hand Ejector Model 2 revolver, shoots the swordsman and carries on as the crowd cheers.

There’s a scene played over and over on the Internet in forum after forum, day in and day out. In the midst of people having conversations and enjoying themselves, they are confronted with someone with a huge metaphoric scimitar, intent on intimidating the members of the forum and even the board owners with threats, insults, rants and disruptions. The administrator calmly presses a button on his keyboard and the antagonist disappears as the crowd cheers.

It’s a pretty simple message. You might be Billy Bad Ass in your neighborhood, but step into the next block and try to push your agenda or think that your “rep” means anything to the new neighborhood, and surprise! As Christopher Walken told an adversary in The Dogs of War, “In my jungle, you’d be just another asshole.” It’s a mistake to project power where you have none, and where those who do can eliminate you with ease. You can pretty quickly find yourself outside of a locked door, and those inside soon forget your name or anything you ever said.

Private Forums and web pages are not democracies. They are, for all intent and purpose, “sovereign nations” among others, with their own rules and their own culture. People apply to be a part of these “nations,” and as a condition of acceptance agree to abide by the rules and regulations which govern that culture. Occasionally, once accepted, the new “citizen” decides that the code of conduct he agreed to really doesn’t apply to them, so they proceed to ignore it and do whatever they damned well please, with the attitude, “Nobody tells me what to do. What are they going to do about it?”
Invariably, they claim that they are being put upon unjustly, or censored when the answer comes to them in the form of ejection from the group.

You can be whoever you want in your own little fiefdom where you make the rules. If you want to make a web forum that others can apply to be members of where you are the sovereign lord of that fief, great! Make it so. But in building to yourself a culture of your own design, it would be a mistake of solipsism to assume that anyone outside of that culture might be bound by your rules. We are “our own personal gods” only within the sphere of our control, and that control is immediately negated within the sphere of another “god.”

We here at The Sect of the Horned God are committed to providing Forums and webpages consistent with our core values and the determination that ideas and concepts can be shared amicably, even when there are disagreements. We will not permit our world to become just like the thousands of others that claim the left hand path, where bickering and petty squabbles amongst adults acting like children rule the day. It’s in our culture and a core belief of our “sovereign nation.” We don’t ask anyone to join our nation… everyone here has applied to be a member and as such, has agreed to follow our rules. If, once accepted into our nation, they find themselves unable thrive and contribute as ladies and gentlemen, then there comes a time when the best option for them and us is deportation.

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