by Jake Block

Vamachara.  The ancients knew it well, it was the path of the few… the path to the left, dark and terrible, were the gods challenged those who dared to stray.  Dakshinachara, the path to the right was brighter and more well traveled, but few of the rewards so tempting to men were to be found there.  To the right, service and prayer, seeking to know the wisdom of Shiva.  To the left, experience and introspection, the will to power before those words were even spoken, seeking to become godlike in one’s own right.
There are two paths by which one could travel.  Many who travel the brightly lit path to the right are clad in the white light of piety, but who among us is brave enough to travel the dark and mysterious left hand path, clad only in the funeral ash of the Aghori?

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  • I see the Left hand Path as being a way “downward and inward” to find the power in one’s own Soul. It is the Way of the Serpent and Dragon and is usually known as a harsh path. Serpents have been known to be connected to the Divine Plane since a time immemorial and are symbolic of Lightning, Sun-Rays, in a union with Mother Earth and Water Sources, deadly venom but, also Life and Fertility. The Dragon can represent forgotten layers of consciousness and so it is the will, Heart and Soul of the LHP Adept it is not worshipping “someone above” but a way of self-empowerment.

  • When one does not have partner how can he go on this path. What about female demons help. Is it safe as she may be tamsik or rajsik.

    • One does not require a ‘partner’ to embark on an individualist’s journey. Reliance on ‘help’ from some external entity, be it flesh or incorpereal, ranges, perhaps, from needy to nutty. If you’ve created your own pantheon, of course, their level of assistance is up to you.

      • Creating own pantheon? If they turn out to be aggressive or demanding things.
        Whats their expectation

        • In such a case you might need to up your medication.
          Creating the own Pantheon implies introspection and adherance to self-imposed discipline.
          To set out codes you will yourself to always obey.

  • “Tamsik” and “Rajsik” are unfamiliar terms to me. Personally, I have found “Demons” to be ineffectual in every way. That is a Theistic concept, which I am grateful to be rid of, but if one’s personal path requires using Demonology, I won’t say you are “wrong” or “incorrect”. I will agree with Fnord. An external deity is not a requirement, but the creation of a thought-form (Demon) for the purpose of establishing a “foothold” can be beneficial in the subjective sense. I see the female identity mentioned, which has captured my curiosity. Could you elaborate?

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