On Being Your Own God

by Jake Block
being god

In being “your own god,” your greatest creation and constant work in progress will always be yourself, subject to critical review by other gods who will, of necessity, compare their creations with yours to determine your ultimate success or failure.  Be resolved, therefore, to make your work the strongest and least assailable model that you can create.  Be it one of intellect, of insight and of understanding, unhindered by compulsion and self delusions which magnify your personal faults and flaws.  Speak plainly and speak from the heart which you truly feel, and resist the urge to say what you think someone might like to hear.
And always remember that even the most competent and powerful personal god is only so within his own domain.  You have the right and the duty as a god to control only that which you, yourself have created and maintain by personal and financial force of will.  No other god is required, nor will they be expected to follow your lead or pattern their personal deifications to your specifications.  A god may be omnipotent within his own heaven, but will always be insignificant in the heaven of another.

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