Why Would I Join The Sect of the Horned God?

by Jake Block

You see me here as a writer, explaining Satanism as I have come to know it along my 40+ year journey on the Left Hand Path.  But with all of the options out there of organizations that I might have lent my support, why would I end up here?  What makes The Sect of the Horned God so compelling that I would want to be a part of it?  Why might I be so inclined to recommend it to others who are looking for a serious alternative to the myriad options out there on the Internet?
I began my journey on the Left Hand Path in 1971, reading about the Church of Satan which was then “the only game in town.”  Being that I was stationed in Turkey at the time with the military, joining and participating wasn’t much of an option, so upon my return to the United States in 1973, I knew that I had done my homework and knew that the Church of Satan was right for me.  I joined the group as a general member and, shortly after, as an active member.  I worked my way up within the organization, eventually becoming a member of the staff at “Central,” working as the Administrator, along side Anton LaVey.  I was there for several years until once again, sent overseas on a military assignment.  But I stayed with the Church of Satan as a member until 1997, when Anton LaVey breathed his last.  My loyalty was to him, and HIS vision of the Church of Satan, so I opted not to become a member of the organization under Peter Gilmore, owing to differences I saw in his style, method and administration of the Order I had supported whole-heartedly.
Fast forward about 15 years, and The Sect of the Horned God was gaining prominence as a web presence, strengthening its position after a period of infancy and growing pains.  But, as I had with the Church of Satan, decades earlier, I began to look into what this was all about, and I was extremely please to find that overall, it was a rational, action-driven organization with something to say and a desire to become more than just another web-based group.  They were educational in format, with members sharing their skills and knowledge that they had gained along the Left Hand Path as young to middle-aged adults.  But here, Satanism was a “core in principle,” from which members could venture out, learning more and more, delving into the mysteries of the past and finding that the metaphor and mythos of the ancients could be interpreted and used to bolster one’s life and enhance that core from which their philosophy springs.  Along the Left Hand Path, envisioned by the ancients as Vamachara, can be found core truths that lead, like links in a chain, to a stronger and more stable thread of human experience that can be drawn upon and learned from, rationally and without pigeon-holing oneself.
And within The Sect of the Horned God arose a system of orders which allow the membership to move lineally within The Sect, following a standardized course of informative education designed to stimulate and guide members who wish to participate.  Seeking to provide members of The Sect with the tools for critical thinking, the orders  provide guidance on how to think, rather than what to think, which in itself is a radical concept that sets it apart from most “occult schools,” that teach facts and demand adherence to dogma within their specific order.  As one progresses through the Orders, Pan to Cernunnos, Prometheus to Dionysus, one becomes more and more involved with personal growth and introspection, ever searching and ever growing towards that ultimate goal of enlightenment.  The Sect is much more about people, process and philosophy, than endless debating and internet gamesmanship.
Were that all there was to The Sect of the Horned God, it would have been enough to stimulate my participation.  But I have found that the founders, Thomas LeRoy and Mistress-Babylon, are quite easily the most dedicated and personally connected leaders I have seen in many, many years.  They’re commitment to The Sect of the Horned God and steadfast determination to make it the premier “occult organization” of the day has led them to use their knowledge and organizational skills to will The Sect to be much more than an on-line entity, taking it to the real world, where real people interact and reality beyond that to be found in internet chat rooms offers many opportunities personal connections and real-world associations.  They are bright, intelligent, witty and honestly care about their organization, which grows by leaps and bounds, encompassing individuals from college students to teachers, doctors and lay members of every strata of society.
Such is what led me to be a member of The Sect of the Horned God.  Others may have their own reasons for becoming members, but there is always room at the table for “a few good men and women,” who wish to be a part of this dynamic organization and lend their skills and ideas to help it to succeed where so many before have failed.

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