Those I Call “Wrong”

by Jake Block

There are those who feel that because they self-define as Satanists, they have the right to spew forth whatever noxious garbage they can, and act as cretinous and socially inept as possible, and they also believe that because you and I might identify as Satanists or some other traveler along the Left Hand Path, we have to support and condone it.  These are people I call “wrong.”

The delusional exist on both sides of the path, right and left, and they live in their own little worlds where they feel that everything in the universe revolves around them and their picayune needs to behave in a manner that is guaranteed to provide them with the notoriety that they are incapable of achieving through effort, intellect and acumen.  They opt for the easy laugh… the vulgar display… shock value… in order to be talked about.  It doesn’t matter to them that the talk about them is generally negative, because they genuinely feel that there is no such thing as bad publicity, believing that as long as people are talking about them, it confers upon them some measure of relevance.  Again… these are people I call “wrong.”
Oscar Wilde famously said, “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”   That may be so, but you know, there are people who have better things to talk about than them and the asinine things they do, and to be quite frank… most of us are simply over the “I’m a bad ass of the Left Hand Path” schtick.  If you were truly a bad ass, you would be using it to get ahead… to becoming more autonomous and less subject to the prevailing ethic and ethos of the culture and society, freeing yourself up to live well and be beholden to no one.  Damned few of those types out there.  But there are plenty of bad asses with the four pound chip on their shoulders, beaming forth messages of their omnipotence like Yezedi priests from their Zirahs in the sacred city of Lalish.  The difference is that the Yezedi priests had earned their positions and bragging rights by real time deeds and doings.
I, for one, will be purging those I call “wrong” from my friends lists, refusing to play their games when they post their nonsense, and trolling for a sucker to take that first bite, and put their feet to the fire in meeting the standards set for board participation on any of our forum pages.  It’s a wake up call and a message to all game players and shit disturbers that we expect them to come up to OUR standards, because we damned sure don’t intend to come down to THEIRS!

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