It Feels So Good When I Stop

by Jake Block

There was a man who was sitting in his living room watching TV with his friend.  Suddenly, he reached under his chair and came up with a ball-peen hammer and hit himself in the head repeatedly.  After about five good whacks, he put the hammer back under the chair and went back to watching TV.  Twenty minutes later, he did it again, which caused his friend to ask why he kept hitting himself in the head with the hammer.
The man just smiled and said, “Because it feels so good when I stop.”
It’s illogical, but true that some people live their lives in a constant state akin to whacking themselves in the head with a hammer and, after brief respites, go back at it again.  Clearly, they don’t HAVE to, but they do it anyway.  It’s a form of psychological masochism that makes them stick their noses into the lives of others, knowing that in the end, they will end up as so many times before, beating their own heads in remorse for their involvement.  They’ll complain to others that they’ve become embroiled in the drama and trauma of others and swear off being overly invested in someone else’s life, but you, I, and even they know that they won’t.  They are addicted to meddling in the lives of others, just as surely as others might be addicted to their favorite substance or emotional response, and they too will go to great lengths to obtain the “high” that they need, as well.
People have sometimes accused me of not caring about them.  Sometimes, it’s true… I don’t care about EVERYBODY.  I might tolerate people and I might sometimes be amused or angered by the things they do, but i purposely reject becoming embroiled in the lives and problems of most people because first, it’s not my business, and second, there’s nothing in it for me.  “Que Bono?”  Who stands to gain?  Not I.  But the good thing is that I can associate with people and be as gregarious as the next guy, and enjoy interacting with them on a level that doesn’t require me to lend them money or let them try on my clothes.  When they leave my house, or I theirs, my mind doesn’t tend to linger on the activities of the day for most people, and I go on with my next order of business.
Undoubtedly, there is someone, somewhere sitting in the dark, tears streaming from their eyes as they moan, “Poor Jake!  I feel so sorry that his local market had no baby gouda cheese today, and his cat scratched him again today, and (heavy sigh) his car needs an oil change and tire rotation before he takes his next trip.”  Thanks for the concern and caring, but give it a break and get a grip!  If your life is so perfect that you can waste time worrying and finding ways to fix the life of someone else who is, for all intent an purpose, a stranger… you either live a charmed life, or you don’t really have much of a life at all.
Despite the conceptual degradation of the Left Hand Path these days that would have us think that just like those traveling on the Right, we’re all brothers and we’re all one big family of man, the wisest of us will retain our composure and not go sending out those “healing waves of white light” willy-nilly, and will continue to tend our own garden, making our lives the best that they can possibly be before we go meddling into the lives of others.  Take care of you and yours, as I take care of me and mine, and there may come a time when our interests, financial and emotional equities might be of mutual benefit, but take those as happy circumstances if and when they occur, rather than goals to be achieved.
“No man’s death, save he who stands by me, diminishes me.” — Anton LaVey
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