Visions Over The Shoulder


by Jake Block
When man looks nervously over his shoulder, what does he expect to see?  He expects the worst.  In fact, despite the feeling of relief that comes from knowing that you are safe after all, there is a let down.  The excitement and adrenal build up that causes the pulse to quicken and the sweat to bead on the forehead, regardless of the cop outs of those ashamed to face their own fears, is a stimulation that man enjoys.

This is the reason that the early horror films were so popular.  The spine tingled as Bella Lugosi’s cape swept across the screen, covering the vampiric death which claimed his victim.  The stomach knotted as Boris Karloff moved, arms outstretched as Frankenstein’s man made monster, who turned on his master.  Hollywood’s filmmakers were no fools.  They knew exactly how to titillate the audience, and made use of man’s fear of the unknown.  It is this fear which enables others to gain and hold control of the masses, and it was an extremely effective method of crowd control, when used wisely.
The hoods worn by the torture masters of the Inquisition, the Vigilantes and the Ku Klux Klan were representative of man’s fear of the unknown being used to control the man himself.  Who was the man who controlled the delicate balance of life and death?  It could have been your next door neighbor, your worst enemy, son or brother.  He was tangible, yet intangible; a ghost among the living.  The only man one could trust was himself, and then only to a point!
Satanism, actually, involves this same concept.  Just as in the Dark Ages, there is a fear of the unknown, especially regarding the Dark Powers.  The mother who punished her child chided, “If you don’t behave, the ‘Boogeyman’ will get you,” instilled the fear in the minds of man today, for fears seldom die.  They are passed on in the form of myth and superstition from generation to generation until they are accepted as truth.
Indeed, the mother herself was a victim of this fear when she ran with her newborn infant to the baptismal font, the fee clenched tightly in her hand, to protect her infant from “devil worshippers.”  The priest took the money and smiled as the ineffectual water touched the child’s hand.  The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Vatican had gained another slave; a slave gained through the fear that the church itself had initiated.
And who were the “devil worshippers”?  Who was the child being protected against?  In England, it could have been Sir Francis Dashwood and the Hellfire Club.  In France, it could have been Giles de Rais of La Voisin, but the chances of these people ever having contact with the general public was relatively slim, and as a general rule, the public had little or no knowledge of the activities of such notables, as they were far removed from the lower strata of European peasant life.  The “devil worshippers” could have been a Catholic priest or even the Pope himself, for several engaged in such dichotomous activities.
However, it served the purpose of the church for the populace to be ignorant of their foes.  One does not fear the known, and without fear, the church has no control.  There is the basis for the Ninth Satanic Statement.
Today, Satanism is just as invisible and formidable an adversary as the church has ever known.  We have become a Frankenstein’s monster, which threatens to destroy the one who sustained and nourished us.  We have gained nearly unlimited power through our anonymity, and should jealously guard it and feed it with education, position and success.
And who are the Satanists of today?  Who is it that man looks over his shoulder expecting to see?  It could be Anton LaVey, a policemen, a doctor or a teacher.  It could be you or even me, a ghost among the living.
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