The Daemon Without

by Jake Block

Those of you who’ve taken advantage of the Sect of the Horned God’s Sigil Project learned to define and name your inner daemon, for if you know a daemon’s name, you can control it, and if you know its form, that which you, yourself define, it loses any power to control you, and instead can become your servant.

Now we will look into the eyes of the daemon that you consciously seek to project to the world around you. How you project yourself to the outside world provides clues to your motivations and to your passions, but also guides those who view your persona towards the directions that you wish them to take in dealing with you as an individual. You craft your exterior every bit as much as a sculptor crafts his block of clay, molding it to serve your need and purpose. It’s a form of “Lesser Magic” with greater import. What image do you wish to project in the furtherance of your own goals and ambitions in the everyday world where that image can tip the scales on everything from the jobs you seek, to the circles in which you wish to travel? Your image should be consistent with the station you wish to attain and keep, else you can quickly (and often wrongly) be stratified by those around you who read your inconsistencies and outward signs and act accordingly.

For instance, someone projecting the outward appearance of a man of commerce and finance, dressed in a three piece suit, with a power tie and briefcase in hand might be greeted with deference when he enters an office to deal with some aspect of business, but if every other word out of his mouth is “fuck,” or he treats others… especially those who can be of no help to him… with less respect than they treat him, he’s not going to be dealt with in the same manner of someone who comes in, dressed appropriately and maintains a professional bearing. But even if you aren’t dealing in high finance or lucrative business deals, but just looking to get your foot into the door to get ahead in life, then dressing the part for which you would aspire is always a good idea. So, understand that if your wish to become a force in the world of business, your daemonic appearance wouldn’t normally be raggedy and unkempt. By the same token, one would hardly expect someone who aspires to be a master mechanic to sport a three-piece Armani suit in projecting a spot on image of their outer daemon.

What we would like to see you do is develop and post your outer daemon, the image that you wish to project as your visible and compelling self to the world to which you aspire and wish to conquer.

Now, we’re not talking about a “duck-faced selfie,” but a crafted image, putting your best foot forward, powerfully depicted. There are two reasons for this. First, it forces us to look deep within to bring out what we feel is truly important in our outer daemon, and bringing that into the reality of a tangible, visual image. Once tangible, you can then post it, almost like a visual affirmation, to remind yourself on a daily basis who you are, and where you want to be within this short journey of life. Second, you will find that over time, your outer daemon’s image within your mind’s eye will change and you’ll want to update that talismanic photo to renew your conviction and to reenergize your drive. An example is in the images of my personal outer daemon over time.

In the 1st, from 1987, I was projecting the fierceness I wanted my opponents to confront when I was a ranked member of a poker club in Frankfurt, Germany. Poker and then Blackjack were my passions, and I did them well, and wanted my image to show it.

In the 2nd, from 1990, I had retired from the military and now wanted to project strength and a sense of style, in becoming prominent in the business world that I was now a part of. It was important to shed my military appearance and look confident and business like, but someone not afraid to “mix it up” at the conference table, or if need be, in the field as well.

Years passed and I was known for my lifelong work within the occult community and Satanism, specifically. I was retired from the business world and life had become a private and solitary world, but I was far from ready to relax and “enjoy retirement.” The “Blue period.” Still displaying power, determination and motivation.

The fourth image shows me as part of the Admin group of The Sect of the Horned God, busy at my desk, where I write and support The Sect in any way possible, commercially, creatively and through personal involvement.

The fifth image shows me as an “elder statesman,” still serving The Sect of the Horned God, traveling to speak on its behalf, if needed, and still writing and supporting it in any way possible. I intend it to show my dedication, my elevation and my enlightenment, as a member of The Sect of the Horned God.

So, what will we see with the portrait of YOUR outer daemon?

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