George Can’t Do It

by Jake Block

An old free-form poem of sorts… author unknown.
“Let George Do It 

My name is George. I’m an all-around handyman, and I’d like you to feel free to use my service for any and all chores, errands, duties which you may be too busy to perform. Anytime there’s anything that needs doing and you’d rather not, you just let George do it. I’ll write to your congressman for you; I’ll write your newspaper editor; I’ll serve on the chapter committees in your place; I’ll do anything you’re too tired to do or preoccupied to do. With me around, you can be as lazy as you like, or just have fun. The more the merrier, I always say. My services are available to you for all the tedious, time-consuming things which you’d rather duck doing. You haven’t time to do your pledge assignments. Let George do it. You haven’t time for a service project. I have. You don’t want to accept committee assignments and extra responsibilities, anyway. You let ol’ George tend to those things. Maybe I’m not as famous as Castro, but if it hadn’t been for me, you’d never have heard of him. And that goes for Stalin and Hitler and Mao-Tse-Tung, too. I made those guys! And the big-time racketeers in the United States. You name ’em… without me those guys would be nothing. Why do I want to run errands for you? When I’m the guy who runs all these “big wheels,” why do I want to run errands for you? Don’t you see? I get a kick out of electing presidents of student bodies and school boards. I’m all these things you used to do before you took up chasing dollars and not being concerned over your organizations or your responsibilities. Don’t feel like you’re imposing. I’m glad to be of service. Helping you, I’m really helping myself. How do you think I was able to take over and run a third of the world already? Because nobody else wanted to bother. They said “Let George do it,” so I did it. Now I’m taking over in lots of cities and counties and I figure it’s just a matter of time until I’ll take over in this chapter, too. I want to thank you for making it possible. Remember now, if there is ever any way in which I can be of help, I’m at your service. You just have fun and don’t worry about a thing. I’ll do your worrying, too. I’LL BILL YOU LATER!”

Today.  Same as it ever was.  There are things to do, things to say, things to care about, but you need not express yourself or take time away from your damned Playstation, X-Box, cartoons or Face Book posts.  “George” will post everything that really matters, and HIS “voice” will become the voice of reason and control simply because no one else gave a damn.  He’ll post hundreds of things off the top of his head in hundreds of topics and people will think he’s got some kind of credibility, because… well he’s posting everywhere, so he must know SOMETHING!  And you know, if you post a hundred times, eventually someone is going to agree with you and bolster your credibility factor!  The number of likes in the world of today is as good as money in the bank of credibility.  So, you’ll be lucky that George is in alignment with your values if you allow him to speak for you, but if not and he speaks only lies, you’ll have only yourself to blame when others believe him, because you forgot history and now it’s begun to repeat itself, for Vladimir Lenin told us, “A lie told often enough becomes truth.”
Now, I write on what I call “applied Satanism,” and personal truths that I have come to recognize over my life of well over half a century.  I’ve written hundreds of pages of text that you can find on the web, and there are some people for whom my words make sense.  I’m appreciative of that, but what I would hope that would happen isn’t that they would repeat my text word for word, or much worse, make some silly meme and spread it like herpes around the web.  What would, I think, honor me and what they feel they have learned from my writing is to “wear it like a new pair of shoes” for a while and then, if they find that it’s added value to their philosophy and worked in THEIR life, take up pen and paper or click deftly on their keyboards and put their thoughts down for others to read.  THEIR thoughts.  Acknowledge me, if you will, but make it your own and share your success and your enrichment and your enlightenment with others.
The words of Crowley, LaVey, Jesus, Confucius, Buddha and others are dead when they simply become something to quote, without application or contexts reflecting the realities of today.  When you write about them and their ability to benefit you in real time, you breathe new life into them and draw another new generation of those on their own “personal paths” to learn and apply them anew.  And with the catalytic reenergizing of concepts at once ancient and new, there is a stimulation in the minds of those who, while receptive to the philosophical concepts presented, might not have heard them presented in a way that they can accept with value for their life.  This can be provided by  contemporary interpretations and reflections of those living and sharing the same cultural timelines that they are.
You can’t just let George do it, or wait for someone else to reach inside of your head and somehow transmit your thoughts to that page or screen.  It’s something that you have to own, and you have to bequeath to others in your own words.  It takes effort, but what of value doesn’t?  You might not be the next Shakespeare, or even the next Dean Koontz, J.K. Rowling or Ken Follet, and that’s ok.  People read them and they read the works of those not so famous as well.  Hell, I’m no Dean Koontz, either, and while I’m better than I was at writing 20 years ago, I know that I have much room for improvement, so I practice, and I write and I pass on what I can, as best as I can.  If you write honestly and sincerely, people will take interest, and if you honestly have something to say, it will be received.
Take some responsibility to pass knowledge on, not was some grand, egoistic gesture, but simply as one person sharing what they have learned with others on this pathway through life.  If you find that what you once speculated as truth became hollow and useless with time and application, this is at least as important as the things you have tried and applied with success to someone struggling with questions of their own.
“Writing is magic, as much the water of life as any other creative art.  The water is free.  So drink.  Drink and be filled up.”
— Stephen King
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