Monkey Business

by Jake Block
People go to the zoo or the circus and they see the monkeys cavorting and making a show of themselves, some dressed as politicians, some as religionists, some as the social commentators of their world and looking very much like those of ours.  As intended, the people are entertained, and the monkeys go back to their drab cages and menial lives, hands stretched out, accepting what meager treats they might receive until the next time they are put on display.  They entertain, but for the moment, and then the people wander away to be entertained by the next act in the next tent, and so it goes all day.
But what if one of those monkeys refused to act or entertain, but stood up with dignity and gravitas and actually had something to say?  What if they practiced the real adversarialism of self-confrontation and succeeding in a world that demanded their failure?  What if they not only survived, but thrived?  Who then could walk away?  Who then could not be moved, rather than simply entertained?  Who could not be fundamentally and forever changed?
Look around you at the world we people as travelers on the Left Hand Path, and you will see many wonderfully entertaining sites.  Lots of blasphemy, lots of vulgarity and lots of impish behavior on site “A,” lots of outrage, lots of vulgarity and lots of vulgar memes on site “B,”  lots of obscenity, lots of conspiracy, lots of finger pointing and chaos on site “C.”  And so it goes, over and over, site after site, with lots and lots of trading of content so you don’t miss the tiniest bit of salaciousness or mudslinging mindlessness.  It sometimes spills over into the world of day to day living, a bizarre tableau of “satanic shenanigans.”
I think it’s important to note that  LaVey was saying something about what had happened with his vision of THE Church of Satan, when he disbanded the “Grotto System.”  Under the “Grotto System,” which was originally intended to become that “big tent,” as they say in politics, otherwise well-meaning people had fragmentized the concept of unity into what looked more like “lodges,” i.e., the Elks, Eagles, and Odd Fellows, than any kind of umbrella organization.  It was becoming little more than a group of “chapters,” each with its own leader and only paying lip service to the concepts in order to “belong.”  The Grotto System might have been an idea whose time had come, but in the end, it was a failed experiment and, like all failed experiments, was disassembled and discarded, with lessons learned.
We also find the same thing today.  Groupings of people that might have, at their inception, had something to say and they began to clone themselves into “chapters” where the presumption was that their word would be spread to others of like mind and philosophy.  Problem is, there was little to spread, other than the same, dull act that others had done before, and arguably much better.
From our inception, the Sect of the Horned god has striven to be more, and a place where that precious few with something to say can stand up and rise above the monkey show to be a part of an intellectually challenging and stimulating group of thinking and DOING people here on the web, certainly, but in their day to day lives as well.  We’re sometimes astounded at the caliber of people from places around the world that make it to our site and, without fanfare or expectation, join simply to belong and be a part of this catalyst for change in OURSELVES, and in that, a catalyst for change in the world in general.
Those who excel in the world around them seek something beyond the hollow entertainments of the monkey shows.  We welcome them and their interest and input, and certainly, we wish those who need the monkey shows well.  I think there’s a place in our world for both, although i can’t see myself wasting time in line for a ticket for the 12 o’clock MONKEY MADNESS extravaganza.
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