Full Impact — The Power of Applied Anger

by Jake Block

There are times when even a “Saint” loses patience with the world.  Words normally unspoken may boil to the surface and, in an unguarded moment, true feelings will be known.  With the coming of one’s rage come liberation, and inevitably, scorn from those whose actions have caused the condition in the first place.


Now, there are those who will say that one should hold one’s tongue, and it is better to maintain peace at any price.  I am not one of those people.  I believe that anger is a useful tool and, at times, necessary for one’s self-protection and psychic survival.
Show me a man or woman who is never angry and I’ll show you a man or woman who is either incapable of true emotions, or has been so brutalized by life that they have learned that it is better to “duck and cover” than stand and fight.  These are the people psychic vampires seek.  They are easy prey for the “whiners” and “complainers” who will find some way to place the guilt for their own inadequacies squarely on the shoulders of their victim.  Make no mistake, my friends, there are those out there who are miserable and need to make others feel just as miserable as they, to give their own pathetic lives some sense of validity.
I have always been a supporter and a promoter of the power of each individual to reach their own potential in whatever field of endeavor they may choose.  When I write, I write if things that can help one grow and to prosper in a world that condones and indeed rewards mediocrity.  In a world where mediocrity is the standard, how much efford could it take to excel?  In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
It sometimes amazes me that I receive mail from those who feel that they have little or no blame for the condition of their lives.  They blame karma or past lives or the influences of malevolent spirits, when they would probably be more correct in looking a little bit closer to home.  Passivity breeds mediocrity.  If you passively accept your lot, you give tacit approval for your predicament.
In order to exact change upon your life, you must first know how to go about getting it.  In this “please and thank you” world, the old axiom that “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” holds true.  You won’t get anything in life unless you ask for it… and unless you are angry enough over your present situation, chances are, you never will.  There are those who contend that there is no reason to express anger.  There philosophy is “this too shall pass.”  Anger gets you nowhere, and it is impossible for someone to hate you or situations to harm you if you refuse to cooperate.  Bullshit.
There are a lot of reasons for one to be angry in this life.  I personally get angry when I see the apathetic way we go through our lives like dray animals in blinders, plodding along, not seeing the filth and ills of our society.  Then when we see ourselves being victimized by circumstance, we ask why we were singled out… and where was the government to protect us.  Well, boys and girls, you’re victimized because you allow yourselves to become victims.  And the scary truth is, your government can’t protect you.
Drugs and crime are rampant, our educational system is a joke, the old are left to die by a medical establishment that cares more about the bottom line than the quality of life, our government has forsaken its people, sickness and hunger are spreading in this country that used to be the envy of the world.  Hell, if you can’t find something to be angry about, you’re either a moron or too stupid to care.
People have been conditioned to passivity in our culture as a way of control.  It’s considered to be somehow gauche to be flamboyant or flashy, especially when in the public eye.  Assertive people are seen as pushy and overbearing.  They aren’t… not really… but when placed into perspective with the drabness of the world around them, they stick out like a sore thumb.
Passive people don’t buck the system.  They form the mindless horde of drones that turn the gears and feed the masses.  They toil in misery from dawn to dusk, the proletariate, downtrodden and hopeless grease that keeps things moving, educated just enough to catch the buzz words of the consumer society.  Buy… spend… need.  Occasionally the find an outlet for their frustration in a night of violence and rage.
Anyone can rage.  All you need do is “vent your spleen” about anything from the price of peanuts to the stain on your suit.  Rage is impotence… much ado about nothing… dust on the wind.  Expressing anger effectively and productively is a positive and empowering tool that gets results.  
Anger is a catalytic force.  It causes physiological changes in individuals.  The pulse quickens, the senses become keener, the cybernetic response system kicks into gear and (most importantly), the mind signals the body to increase adrenalin flow.
It’s been long known that “Type A” personalities enjoy the adrenalin rush that accompanies strenuous physical or intellectual efforts.  If you’ve ever been in a fight or a heated argument, you’ll know what I mean.  Soldiers fight longer and harder when their adrenalin levels are elevated.  Adrenalin affects the body like a turbocharger.  It’s a powerful chemical stimulant (C9N13NO3) that is produced naturally in the body and a power source that the body taps into in its own defense.  It can also be used effectively in the world of magic.
The wise magician knows that increased and elevated adrenal flow is necessary for the completion of any magical operation.  It is through the use of this naturally occurring phenomenon that Imposition of Will is affected.  Adrenal flow can be elevated in several ways.  Erotic stimulation, physical effort and meditation can all lead to the necessary state.  The appropriateness of each is dependent upon the desired outcome of the magical operation at hand.  For example, if one were entertaining a ritual to ward off the effects of one’s enemy’s “curse,” erotic stimulation would hardly be appropriate.
Anger is most appropriate in certain situations, among which are magical operations dealing with retribution, malevolence, self protection or self protection by proxy against the effects of physical or psychic injury, or affecting change in accordance with the Will of the magician.  It is this last instance that i will address.
Al Capone once said, “You can get a lot more with a smile and a gun than you can with just a smile.”  Good magicians know that in this life, you don’t get anything unless you ask for it… forcefully.  When things get to the point where you finally raise your voice to the skies and say out loud, “Enough, damn it!  I want “X” to happen,” you’ve reached the point where the wheels can be set in motion.
It’s not really practical to walk around angry.  To do so would be unhealthy and dilute the genuine emotions that must be generated in order to complete magical operations.  But in order to use anger in a magical ritual, one must be able to kindle the spark and fan its flames “on cue.”  This is yet another instance where “compartmentalization,” the ability to isolate and sublimate unnecessary emotions in favor of appropriate emotional responses is key in the world of the magician.
Now we come to the matter of ritual, misunderstood by so many as a simple act of theatrics that has no place in the modern world, but for those who have been serious students of “magic,” they will understand that it is simply a place where one can focus, laser-like into the problem at hand.  The logical mind tells us that thinking a thing is so, or simply willing it to be is not supposed to work on any material level.  But here in the Intellectual Decompression Chamber, all things are possible and it becomes very much like a laboratory where the magician can run “what if” scenarios through his mind, and like a Live Action Role Playing scenario, “game out” what the possible outcomes of any action he or she takes might be likely.  One could do the same thing with a well planned flow chart with go/no go options, sitting at a table in the kitchen.  The advantage of doing it in ritual is (they tell me… I’ve never played Dungeons and Dragons) the difference between being a player and being the Dungeon Master, and that difference is in intellectual CONTROL.  The magician, being in control, can game out various scenarios in the mind, deciding eventually on which promises the greater probability for success and then commits to that course of action in the oral pronouncement that this is the Is To Be… what, in direct result, or in a series of steps attains as close to that result as possible.
LaVey once spoke of magic as being 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.  Your ritual provides the inspiration and your pronouncement… a vow that your Will should be done… leaves you with that warm feeling of accomplishment.  But the failing of most people is that they think that just because they say it, “it is done.”  At this point, it comes down to an issue of what I call “human physics.”  Just as with a box on the floor, people too can fall under Newton’s First Law of Motion.  “An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.  An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.”  This is often called “the law of inertia,” and applies here in both applicable scenarios.
The unacceptable situation at hand is the object at rest.  It is, at this point, intractable and static.  It is causing you pain, so you became the unbalances force by smashing into it with your ritual.  Your resolve to change the situation in your favor has acted upon it and this makes the situation ripe for change with personal action and involvement, making you the second action as an “unbalanced force,” in using your influence for change, physically or intellectually, to move the direction of the situation at hand to one more favorable to you and your desired “Is To Be.”  Just what does this mean?
It means that now that you have a plan, you have to work that plan.  You must now analyze the problem from a personal perspective and determine the way that YOU can make it happen.  For instance, perhaps you have a problem at work and those around you perceive you as less than motivated, not a team player, or perhaps just not fitting in with the culture of the work environment.  These are all things that are within your power to change.  You might have to become a bit more open and accepting of those around you and the job you do, and that might rankle your nerves… but if the job means anything to you, and you might just get ahead because of those changes, then the magical thing to do is manipulate the situation to your advantage.
If that’s not what you want to do, and you think that the only way your life is going to be better is if you are GONE, then, like Jimmy Buffett sang, “Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes.”  Perhaps it is time to make your break and reinvent yourself in a new job in a new location.  This often makes it easier to succeed as you learn from your negative past job experience and acclimate yourself positively in the culture of a new work situation.  You can easily go from “Joe the Asshole” to “Joe the Hero” with a new attitude in a new location.
We have learned that the mind is like a vast room of drawers or compartments that can be opened or closed as needed.  Each or these drawers can be used to contain and emotion, a memory, or a stimulus that you can use in that ritual experience.
The things that have made you happiest in life should be stored close at hand in your mental compartments, but keep the knowledge of your “dark drawers” as well.  There are times when you will need to put away the childlike things and dredge up the increased adrenal flow that anger can produce.  At these times, when you need to be fearless in the face of danger, or need to demand something of a seemingly uncaring universe, you can count on your inner power and strength.  If only for one moment in an all or nothing cast of the dice, you may demand your due from man and the fates, and then go out and work your real-life magic to make it happen.
Once the moment has passed, the thoughts and emotions that have allowed the magician in you to reach the height of your personal power can be returned to their compartments.  This then is the time for an interlude of personal meditation and relaxation to strengthen and restore your psycho-immune system to its normal balance.  
There are things that make one happy, and there are things that anger us all.  These are normal and acceptable parts of the whole.  It is the wise man or woman who learns from each experience.  It is the mark or the true magician that knowledge of oneself and one’s personal response to those experiences may become a source of personal power.
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