Gotcha, Van Helsing!

by Jake Block

“SATANISM represents responsibility to the responsible, instead of concern for psychic vampires.”

— Anton LaVey (The Satanic Bible)

“There are only two kinds of people who can drain your energy: those you love, and those you fear. In both instances it is you who let them in. They did not force their way into your aura, or pry their way into your reality experience.” 

Anthon St. Maarten

Most of us, and certainly every LaVeyan Satanist knows what a psychic vampire is, and the way to combat  them and eliminate them from our lives.  That said, there is often one for whom we hold affections and weaknesses that make their bite less annoyingly painful, and perhaps even erotically or “lovingly” enticing that we can allow them to feed from us for years… decades… until, at last, they sink their fangs too deep into our psyche to be ignored and, at that moment, become shocked into the recognition that this is where it must end, either through the modification of their behaviors and manipulations, or we must eliminate them from our lives, as we have so many psychic vampires before.

Sometimes, as Anthon St. Maarten says, we invite them into our lives and, when they are satisfied with the emotional, sexual or ambient comforts you provide, life can be less filled with drama and trauma than at others.  But sooner or later, you can almost predict the coming turbulence when someone else might show some interest in you, be it as a friend of in a more intimate mode, and you’ll find that they can be a wedge as strong as steel and accusatory of your fidelity, even though you might truthfully insist that (as they say today,) “there is no THERE there.”

Now, we know that there are many different kinds of psychic or energy vampires out there to vex us and they can be found as close as our own home.  Probably without meaning to, initially, family members who are “needy” can become an emotional drain on the family, sucking up every ounce of energy in the household with their drama and demanding behaviors until, one by one, the rest of the family finds that it is easier to give into their implicit or, at times, explicit demands than to expend energy in resisting them.  You can recognize them as children, demanding that they receive the lion’s share of attention, the best of the family toys and whining that they never receive anything, and that their siblings, of course, get everything.  Nip these little monsters in the bud, or you’ll find yourself in teenage hell with a little prince or princess that will turn puberty into a four letter word.

I was cursed to have a teenage princess for a sister who, probably not coincidentally at all, became a world class psychic vampire when she became an adult, and proved to the chagrin of her four husbands that unfortunately, she was a survivor, as well.  I was lucky enough to catch on to her game when I was in my teens.  That didn’t keep her from trying to manipulate me, though, playing the “poor me,” card whenever she thought she could drive a wedge between me and others of my family to gain an edge.  I was never much for the home and hearth, and in being the “black sheep of the family,” she failed to realize that what small cache of good will I had in the family wasn’t something I was so willing to give up to support her in her latest scheme.

Under her assault, my brother wound up in jail, she manipulated my skilled father to move into her piece of crap home and rebuild it and then, when the job was done, casually announced that my father and mother would have to find a new place to live.  By this time they were in their sixties and options were limited.  The “bitch,” and I use that term without shame, even attempted to entice me into smuggling valuables to her from my tour in Germany so that she could pay me the cost and she could resell them.  Those shipments of Hummel figurines, Meerschaum pipes, Baccarat crystal, etc. could make her a fine profit, back in the US of A… and land my ass in federal prison.  I of course refused, and was met with the whine… “But you’re my brother.  Can’t you please help me?”  Of course not.  I turned my younger brother down when he asked me to send him drugs from Vietnam, too.

This brother preyed upon anyone he could that could keep his dope supply unbroken.  He played his own mother to stay at home, so he didn’t have to get off of his ass and go to work.  High all of the time, and one step away from the jail or the morgue, once the light of my parents’ eyes, he became their living nightmare and, so high one night that he thought he could shoot up anything in a membrane top, he managed to shoot up some strong worming medicine he lifted from a veterinarian.  That landed him in the hospital where I oldest brother and I went to visit him, alone in the room, and told him that we would buy him a shot of whatever he wanted to go out on, and leave our parents in peace.  That sobered him up enough to promise to go to rehab.  Three years later he contacted me for “some serious cash, bro.”  He wanted $10,000 to move on.  He was stoned.  I refused.  I had it, but Jake’s mama never raised no fools.

But even those who know the telltale signs of the psychic vampire or, if you prefer, energy vampire, can be come the victim if they aren’t perpetually on guard.  All it takes is letting one’s sense of greed take over when offered that chance too good to be true, linger too long on persuasive lips or listen to the convincing lies of men and women who’ve practiced their skills on countless others before, and the web can ensnare you and even me.  I’ve been known to slip up from time to time and fall for a sob story skillfully told.  Nobody’s perfect, I suppose, but hopefully, one can become aware before they are completely drained and break away from the claws that bind them.  I imagine that even Van Helsing could be tempted.

One must protect themselves not with the stake and mallet of the vampire hunter, although you might definitely get the urge to use them on your vampiric adversary. but with a thick skin and mental inoculation against the affects of pity and misplaced compassion in the name of “humanity.”  One can care for the downtrodden and the broken hearted, but remember that in most cases, the best course of action is to leave a virus to burn itself out.  Some times compassion is best served by minding one’s own business and moving on.

“Don’t waste your time with people who will ultimately destroy you, but concentrate instead on those who will appreciate your responsibility to them, and, likewise, feel responsible to you.

And if you are a psychic vampire — take heed!  Beware of the Satanist — he is ready and willing to drive the proverbial stake through your heart!”

— Anton Szandor LaVey (The Satanic Bible: Not All Vampires Suck Blood)

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