Not Just Clothes Make The Wolf

by Jake Block

You know, when you get right down to it, if you have common sense, life really doesn’t have to be THAT hard. Sure, you’re going to have bumps in the road, and money problems, and love problems, acne, diarrhea, the heartbreak of psoriasis, dandruff and all the rest, but those are things that 99.999% of humanity has to deal with at one point or another, and all things that man deals with without a need to drag out an army of demons, devils, angels or fairies to take the heat. If you’re doing your job as a responsible adult and applying common sense to solve live’s problems, all of the religious mumbo jumbo just isn’t necessary.

Now, here on the Left Hand Path, where we supposedly are “our own gods,” it’s surprising to me just how many people still need their “own personal Jesus” to get by. We all know of people who sew their wild oats six days a week, and then go to church on Sunday to pray for a crop failure. It’s hypocritical. We would have no problem in laughing in their faces when they tell us that they don’t NEED GOD or Jesus. Clearly they’re deluding themselves, and trying to bring us along with them into that comforting delusion. They’re still part of THAT herd, while vociferously denying it when the rest of the herd is out of sight.

But we of the Left Hand Path, true travelers along the way, are supposedly self-sufficient, self-determined and self-responsible. You’d be surprised how many of us are self-deluded as well. They’ve “broken away” from church and religion, but when they see the first sign of trouble in their lives they run to their own personal Jesus, but NOW in the form of a demon to intercede for them.

They’re still locked into the archaic idea that there’s a “holy host” that guides, but have simply reversed it all into an “unholy host” that guides them. I’ve seen people come up with some pretty wild acrobatics to come up with an Unholy Trinity, some pairing that equates to a sinister Jesus, and all the rest. The liturgy is already there, provided by Christianity and the other faith-based socio-religious structures of society that have been the control mechanisms of man for thousands of years. All they have to do is a couple of name swaps, find an appropriate sigil from some arcane book and Heaven becomes Hell, simply by flipping the coin.

Being that I, for one, am exhilarated in the feeling that I, and not some god or demon is in control of my life, and that what happens in it is a cause and effect relationship, the idea of abdicating my sovereignty to some entity and thanking them for it is far too close to “letting Jesus take the wheel.” If I am going to go anywhere in life, I am going to drive, and while I might miss a turn once in a while, I have always been able to reach my goal without the help of some external entity, and I have to question what the hell the difference is, whether that entity is God, Jesus, Satan or you name it. It’s the idea that we need that entity, that we can’t do it as our own as sovereign and self controlled human beings that I could never accept as true.

It matters not one whit to me whether people can justify their need for external entities. To me, it’s still the same old “bumper sticker logic” that states, “Jesus said it, I believe it, and that’s IT,” and changing the entity to “Azazel,” “Belphegor,” “Belial” or “Mickey Mouse” doesn’t change the message that “I can’t make it on my own.” We as humans have our own minds and can use them independently and naturally, if we allow our intellect to shine and our guts to take control.

Good things happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people. Logic would dictate that if the gods or demons that we pay lip service to can’t handle it, maybe we can do a better job of tending to our own affairs without them. If we are going to portray ourselves as wolves and not sheep, then we first have to shake off the shepherd and leave the herd, else we’re just fooling ourselves and are only sheep in a wolf’s clothing.

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