Voice of the Demon

I saw what happen from this cage,
I know all you know and more so,
The bastard entered the palace,
He took what he had no claim to,
I watched him take it all for himself,
Its not his its mine and I dont share,
My eyes fill with blood as I scream,
My voice deafens, your ears ring,
I’m climbing up to the crown,
Clawing my way toward vengeance,
You fear me but you love it too,
I make you stronger and solid,
I put the axe in your hand and lift it,
When it comes down I drink up,
When you tear it all apart I feast,
My wings spread and fan flames,
Smoke blackens the sun and stars,
I swallow the moon and bite down,
Trap your world in my shadow,
Obey my call and fall into night,
You can’t ignore what’s inside,
No distance ran will get you away,
No time passed will let me fade,
I grow when you ignore me,
Pick up the bat and go a swinging,
Restraints with a dull knife waiting,
I am your Alpha and I will dominate,
Soul-eater I am the power you hate,
Repress me and your body I break,
Better them than you so obey,
Bow to my roar and be dethroned,
I broke free and I fly above the pit,
Screeching and whispering to you,
Do it now, do it harder and obey,
Pull that trigger but not fatally,
Savor the suffering a bit longer,
The taste is sweet on my tongue,
Tears are but an appetizer fucker,
But how sweet that suffering is,
Your’s and their’s it doesnt matter,
My horns are emerging above,
Throwing the crown to pits below,
Look into my eyes and burn alive,
I haunt your sleep in nightmare,
And I want to take total control,
So bow, obey, suffer, die as I feed,
You’ll be crush under my great paw,
Gored by the horns atop of me,
Thrashed in my jaws ripping,
Then I’ll walk the world in your skin…

The Orders of The Sect of the Horned God

The Order of Pan
The Order of Cernunnos
The Order of Prometheus
The Order of Dionysis
The Order of Shiva