Surviving Covid 19 with the Black Flame

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R.W. Mann

I’m a practitioner of Tai WuJi Quan certified Herbalist/Traditional Chinese Medicine. I took my art into the occult realm 30 years ago through cultivating my Black Flame in my daily practice effectively transforming my martial art into am occult martial art of self-transformation and magickal tool for working sorcery in the World of Horrors. I am currently convalescing from a bought of Covid 19 Pneumonia and am well on my way to a full recovery. What follows is an account of my ordeal it is my prayer that one day a Dark Sibling may take look at this and feel inspired and encouraged. When Covid 19 was beginning to spread death around the world I was in the heat of a two year course of study of TCM Herbal Studies at a local clinic and school here in St. Petersburg, Florida this is a robust course that requires, on site intense lectures, study and clinical practice under supervision accumulating 700 hours over a two year period. Over the next couple of weeks I attended a zoom seminar sponsored by Pacifica College featuring Dr. John K. Chen a renowned Acupuncture physician in both China and the United States. During his series I learned about the nature of the disease along with supportive treatments with both allopathic medicine and Chinese Herbal Formulas. Dr. Chens lecture discussed benefits, limitations and possible long term detrimental effects of western support care along with the benefits and short comings Chinese herbs.

Note: As of this writing the FDA has approved clinical trials for Chinese Herbals therapies to be conducted. Since there is no cure for the disease the best that can be done for a patient is to give them supportive care especially through the first stage as that there is where recovery is best achieved. Dr. Chen presented several formulas for various stages of the disease. My focus was on learning the first stage formula and conducted an extensive study of the herbs involved and had a formula made up for me by the clinic. That I kept on my shelf just in case. I had also made an immune defense tincture from a formula provided by the school and my life partner and I both took it daily. Around that time my allergies started acting up and for some reason 2020 my Hay Fever was a bit different this year so I treated it with medicinal plants from my garden, a formula prescribed to me by acupuncture physician along with my daily practice and was ok in a few days, but that thing had teeth. My partner and I practiced masking, social distancing generally staying home which by the way gave me an opportunity to cultivate my art to a deeper level. We both have an income so being out of work for an extended period of was not a hardship for us. Eventually I went back to work part time in the shadows and as time progressed and the state began to open up I relaxed my discipline about masking in public places and I was not about to get vaccinated while my partner received the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine.

Onset: Work was picking up and I was working cases and feeling great about being back in the shadows. I woke up on a Sunday morning with a cough and metal taste in my mouth as I spit up a dollop of sticky yellow phlegm. I took the initial formula prescribed for me by my practitioner and took it easy on Monday. Tuesday rolled around and I was due to be back in the field fortunately I didn’t have to be on site until later in the afternoon. After coming home later that night I filed my report and went to bed. The next day I didn’t feel so hot so I took it easy and slept a lot and had to be ready to back in the field again in a couple of days. I knew that wasn’t going to happen so I called corporate to let them know I was ill and called off. The next day we ordered a home test kit from amazon which came in the next day. Both my partner and I tested positive for Covid 19. So I started taking my first stage formula along another formula to reduce heat and control cough. After a couple of days I was starting to recover and then I’d get weak and sleep this went on for a few days and on Thursday it dawned on me that we had been ill for over two weeks so my partner and I made the decision for me to go to the hospital since we both had Covid we called 911 paramedics arrived soon after and took me my local VA hospital. My timing could not have been better they had one ICU unit open and in I went. They started working on me right away, blood work, checking my vitals, oxygen count and pulse followed by an X -Ray. The doctor came in and informed me that I was diagnosed with COVID Pneumonia and my lungs looked “awful” and he was going to admit me to the hospital and put me on oxygen. Fortunately due to my regular practice my O2 levels were stable throughout my hospital stay and oxygen was not necessary.

Support Treatment: I was given the standard IV infusions Remdesivir, antibiotics and steroid
over the next 6 days. These drugs are primarily designed to reduce inflammation which is essential in reducing heat in the lung that could lead to the deadly Cytokine Storm where phlegm crystalizes and the patient suffocates dies in their phlegm. While being aware of the potential debilitating side effects of the medications I began worry and started experiencing some anxiety along with a few bizarre fantasies. I immediately invoked the Prince of Darkness my Demon awakened within and transformed my anxiety into gratitude with a determination that if anyone could survive this you could and when you get out of the hospital whatever lingering or potentially debilitating effects of the support medicine could be dealt with the Magick of TCM. After all here I was in a busy hospital in the only ICU unit open at the time and was getting treatment. They brought me a tray of food and even though my appetite and taste had been gone to hell. I ate everything they gave me and damn if I didn’t realize how hungry I was, maybe it was the steroid at that point I really didn’t care it was all about survival.

Embracing my Dark Side: As I drifted off to unconsciousness I began to see beyond the veil
through my Third Eye family members and friends dropped by from WuJi and I began to see my
life passing before my eyes all the good bad and ugly and made the chose to embrace my bad and ugly self while reveling in my dark side and releasing my life’s regrets. My vision shifted to the future and was standing at my grave looking at my VA issued grave stone that was marked with my name, rank branch of service and the war I served in. There was a date of birth but the date of death was faint and blurry at this point I was visited by Lady Lilith who offered to “get me out of here” if I wanted to and go to where great adventures awaited me. I thanked her for coming by and said Not Today my Lady she kissed me on my forehead and disappeared in a grey mist. As she departed I woke up and pondered my experience took a deep breath chanted a Buddhist mantra that I’ve used over the years for healing and went into an Alpha state trance where I began programing my subconscious with positive affirmations for healing while invoking the Black Flame through an Enn Chanting mediation. As I went deeper into trance I found myself circulating the Black Flame through my channels with Chi Kung on the astral plane. While my lungs were full of phlegm my breathing was deep rhythmic and regular and oxygen levels remained above 90. The nurse would come by occasionally to check on me then I would drift
back into trance. At the end of the day I spent 12 hours in ICU until I was moved to a private room on the top floor with large picture windows and a view city lights.
Continuing Treatment: When I finally got settled into my room, the nurse checked me out, gave me meds and went on his merry way. I spent the next five days in the room continuing to get supportive care, while embracing my discipline of grooming personal hygiene, Chi Kung, Enn chanting meditations and Trance work.

Discharge: Upon discharge I was given medication for home care and transported by the VA to my residence. Upon arrival I was greeted by my loving partner who welcomed me home in the right kind of way who by the way was convalescing from COVID as well.

In Lucifer’s Light: The next day I resumed my daily ritual of feeding our cat and bird and stepped outside and fed the outside cats and birds, wandered through our garden taking note of what maintenance needed to be done and embraced Lucifer’s Light with Chi Kung.

Continuing Convalescing: As of this writing I’m doing well got my swagger back resuming my regular practice and doing chores around the house and studies..

Gratitude: This experience continues to be a transformative deep level process and the Gnosis
that I continue to receive is profound This is certainly an unusual initiatory experience and am grateful for it along with my Occult Discipline, a loving partner, a good place to live, family who stayed in touch with us, offered up prayers on our behalf and sent us care packages, the caring and compassionate supportive care that I received from VA and my TaiJi brother who gave me Fang Song.

It’s good to be Alive!

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