Founders of Sect of the Horned God




Thomas LeRoy, Founder

MB (2)Babylon, Co-Founder






The Darkfool

Sect of the Horned God Board of Director member, Public Relations Facilitator, Order of Dionysus Instructor, Writer and Educator.







Jake Block

Sect of the Horned God Adviser, Writer and Artist

In his support for the Sect of the Horned God, Jake Block draws upon well over a half century of experience in life and over four decades of experience in Satanism and the Left Hand Path. For several years, he worked for the Church of Satan in the position of Administrator while the church was still under the guidance of Anton LaVey. Jake also served his country in the military for twenty years, openly as a Satanist and carried that open and direct approach with him to his civilian career. He is LaVeyan/Atheist in philosophy, but appreciates all those who embrace a rational and common sense approach to Satanism and life.




Order of Prometheus Instructor and Website Editor

Supporting the Sect of The Horned God through his scientific knowledge drawn upon by his engineering studies and day to day profession as a technical advisor. Has been an active board member and even president for several years in a plethora of fraternities from which he deduced his leading skills. Throughout his career as a Satanist he met and had various interactions with many of the established names.



Maitiu O’Glasain (Fnord will do)

Rogue Element. Web master. 


47 Responses to Founders of Sect of the Horned God

  • I feel I have found my tribe.
    I look forward to getting more
    involved with the Sect

  • Hi to all, nice site.

  • I’m eager to begin my involvement with the Sect and looking forward to all of the knowledge I will gain from my peers. Cheers to everyone above, and anyone below.

  • I have finally (the past five or six years) broken away from the lies of this repugnant Christ worship, and have been eager to learn everything I can about the occult, paganism, and anything that leads to complete freedom. I have been studying Bacchus, Pan, and Dionysus, while also taking trips into the spirit realm via Salvia Divinorum and have found my calling. I realize that the truth has been with me for a long time, and I’m ready to give myself over to it fully.

  • Love the look and feel of your site, looking forward to getting to know more of it and you all. It feels right for me.

  • Nice job guys, nice job. I’ve been watching your videos and going trough some stuff that you have on internet. Nice job.

  • Hello Thomas and Mistress Babylon Consort, I’ve been enjoying the videos and I’m looking forward to interacting with you and the other members.

  • Can’t wait to see what the Sect has to offer! I have been exploring many different Satanist organizations, and this one has caught my interest. Ave Satanas. 😉

  • I submitted the questionnaire for review. Any idea as to when it will be processed?? I’m excited!

  • Hi Sect Guys,

    Mistress Babylon Consort.

    …only passing to say hello.


  • Good Evening,

    I sent my questionnaire in and just wanted to see if it has been received.


    • Hi Brent,

      We did get your questionnaire and a set of follow-up questions were sent to you on November 14th, 2015. If you didn’t receive them, don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • Hi
    I would like to learn the left hand path.
    Is it possible to learn .

    • Hi Matthew,
      Take a look through the various essays and videos on this site, and as well, explore others. You just may find something that resonates with you….

  • How can I become a member and start to learn and move through degrees?

  • Just wanted to drop in and say Hello. Finally figured out how to get back in here after some absence. I hope that you are all doing well up there on the Vineyard. Haven’t seen any of you around the net in a while so I figured I’d drop in and snoop around a bit 🙂

    • Asmedious, it’s great to hear for you! We’re doing fabulous, busy as hell, but that just seems to be a given these days, lol. Are you on FB at all? If so, I’ll send you my address…

  • I’m glad things are going well over there. From some pictures and videos that I’ve seen it looks like a great place. I do have a face book. You can send me your page address to my email. I’d give you the link here to mine, but I rather not make it public, and not sure how to send a private email here.
    I seem to be having a bit of an issue bringing the forums up. Probably just haven’t figured out the nuts and bolts of this place yet.

  • This looks like a very interesting place indeed. I am strongly drawn here. I am absolutely in-line with its studious nature, and the celebration of kindred spirit. It seems like you all are more about the path and less about the ego. I absolutely like that. I am quite pleased to find a Left-Hand Path group for grown-ups already. Seems one must sift through all the assorted adult children and bi-polar goths before one finds a group like this. I appreciate that it does not waste time bashing other groups, or have an “us versus them” mentality about anything. I like that there are THINKERS in this group. I like that thought is utilized above reaction, and that intelligent occultism is utilized. This is the FIRST group to ever approach the LHP this way, what I am aware of. I look forward to getting to know you all, and would love the opportunity to meet you one day. I will research this site some more. I LOVE your videos. And thank you for not being emotionally damaged, psychopathic rednecks with tattoos on your face and butchering animals by a drunken campfire with all the rejects dark society can provide.

    I feel it will be a great time getting to know you all and everyone here. I hope I am not wrong.

    Ave Satanas.

  • Hey everyone.
    I can’t help but be attracted to this group.
    As an ex-lhp group member, who left because of some of the things explained in the intro

    Something different here…

    Anyways, looking forward to some communication with you travelers of the darker highways and biways of the astral and physical.

    Congrats on attracting the attention of a former ‘lhp’er!


  • Hi
    I have sent the questionnaire twice , may be you all are busy. I have seen some amazing video clips from the sect.awaiting to learn more and more from your site and eagerly to join the LHP.

  • Great group. Did you receive my answers? just curious if I need to resend them?

    • Hi Rik,

      Indeed we did Rick,but the email hasn’t been opened yet. You’ll be hearing from us sometime during this weekend.

  • Thank you for the consideration. Finished the follow up questions and hope to hear from you soon. Thanks again

  • I sent in my questionnaire a few days ago and just wondering when I will be hearing from you guys. I look forward to learning from the sect, thank you.

    • Hi David,

      Thank you for contacting us! We received your questionnaire on August 1st and the follow-up emailed to you on August 6th.
      If for some reason you did not get it, don’t hesitate to let us know.

  • Greetings to all, Thank you for getting back to me so expediently and I am absolutely enthralled to learn all the knowledge I can on this path and way of life.

  • Hi,

    I submitted an application for membership on October 3rd. I just want to make sure it was received. I’m very interested in joining the sect. I just think it’s a wonderful organization and I can’t wait to be a part of it. Hope to hear from you, folks soon. Thanks! -Miguel.

  • Awesome place are black people accepted in this membership? Just wondering. Thanks

    • I fail to see any counter-argument against a “why not”.
      Ones personal conduct and maturity, which are the prime aspects regarded upon during application, have nothing do with race.

  • Fascinating. As a guy who’s studied various philosophies and sciences, and found no comfort in any religions, It seems there is a place in LHP (and this sect particularly) which i have been unknowingly practicing. I am a firm believer in the chaotic elements or the Universe and that order actually creates chaos (now proven), ultimately… I am hoping that there is a place for me here in your corner of the Matrix for one more agent of chaos.

  • I am a LHP practitioner. I am a motivational speaker and a psycho-educator. I am a Mentalist and use Magick to enhance my skills. I have many LHP Face book groups I moderate and/or admin and found you as I was conducting some “on-line research”. I am a member of a Vampyre Clan and also am a member of a few well known brotherhoods I wish not to name. Pan is my main but I utilize many. Thank you for your time. I am at your service

  • I’m so excited to have found the Sect of the Horned God. I have sent an email with the answers to the questions for membership and am nervously waiting for my results. I have so many things I want to learn and I hope that I can begin my path with the sect.

  • The inf Remarking presented here is intriguing to be sure, but are socioeconomic factors considered? The rise of fascism and violent xenophobia as it gave rise to anti black and anti-immigrant racism following the end of the slave trade? I am interested to hear how these are addressed, and how this figure is portrayed in this struggle. It should be noted that anything on the left – anything truly Protestant of Christian principles, should also make the effort to address Christianitys contribution to the degradation and decimation of the worlds minoroty populations.

    That all being said, who is the horned God and what function do they serve in subverting these constructs?

    • The Sect of the Horned God is not a political institution. Each member is free to pursue their own political beliefs – we have no centralized dogmatic ideas on any of the questions you present (though I’m sure individual members do). One important aspect of deciding to engage in LHP thought/perspectives is to recognize that it cannot be done while dragging baggage. YOU are here NOW, presumably with two feet on the earth. If those issues are important to YOU then what are you doing to subvert those constructs?

  • Thank you for your informative videos. So much levity to a subject many feel they have to act so dead serious about all the time. I can wear my black with a splash of pink lining.

    I am curious if you feel that one is born into this, or made? For myself i felt like there was always something different about me, which i think most people can say… but this was different in that I was targeted frequently, even by family AS “different” cast negatively (though i made great efforts to be positive). Also, I have noticed that throughout life when i entered a place, be it work related, school, etc it seemed shortly thereafter chaos and change began in those places (to the point where i almost felt sorry when i would be offered the job). I am curious others experience with this.

    Only when i recently turned 50, i stopped fighting myself to attempt to fit in, or prove somehow i am like everyone else and be accepted. I care only now to find others like myself, who just don’t give a damn anymore about those kinds of things. I am looking for my People.

    Thank you

  • I’m so excited to have found the Sect of the Horned God.
    Hail Lucifer . I want to learn and join ..
    Want to become a member and slave of Lucifer

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