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STATE OF THE SECT: August 2016


Clayton Fire burns more than 175 structures near Lower Lake, California

The fire is burning near the scars from three very large fires from 2015
(UPDATED at 7:35 p.m. PDT August 16, 2016)
The Clayton Fire grew by 67 acres on Monday, but it was on the northeast side near the footprint of last year’s Rocky Fire.  This brings the size of the burned area up to 3,945 acres.
(UPDATED at 8:40 p.m. PDT August 15, 2016)
CAL FIRE is now reporting that the size of the Clayton Fire at Lower Lake, California is estimated at 4,000 acres. There has been no change in the number of structures burned.

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As some of you know the Sect’s HQ and, home to our Founders Thomas Leroy and Mistress Babylon Consort, was situated in Lower Lake California. We are saddened to bring the news the building fell victim to flames. This will imply membership applications and/or other demands with the administration will be delayed or are put on hold for the time being.
We thank you kindly for your patience and apologize in advance for the possible delay.
The Sect will thrive on. Out of respect for our founders no pictures of the current situation are posted on this website.

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A donate-button will be found at the bottom of the page where donations can be made it is advised to tag as “Fire fund” in order to differeniate between membership and fund.

 — By Dimitri, Website editor.



STATE OF THE SECT: Much is happening within the Sect of the Horned God. First off, our numbers have been growing at a rate much faster than I (or our poor office manager) could have ever expected. This has made getting the packages out in a timely manner a bit difficult. If you have filled out your questionnaire and still haven’t gotten a response, please re-message us.

sect signwebDarkfool
Tomorrow, 1/12/2014, the Westboro Baptist Church will be in Glendale, California. So will the Sect of the Horned God. The Dark Fool, along with other Sect members and friends, will be a part of a counter-protest. It should prove to be interesting. 7/25/2014 will be the Second Annual Left Hand Path Conference in Indianapolis. Well known members of the LHP are already confirmed to attend.

There is a very good chance that key-members of the Sect will also be in attendance this year. For more information, see the link below. Remember, the left-hand path is a path! It’s about moving ahead, learning, progressing! And the Sect is here to help you down your path. Hail the Horned God! Hail Thyself! Hail the Sect!

–Thomas LeRoy, founder of the Sect of the Horned God.

STATE OF THE SECT: January 2014

January 2014 By Sect of the Horned God


  HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s a new year and with it comes some changes for the Sect of the Horned God. First of all, we have closed down all our sites and combined them into this one “mega” site. The closures included our forum, the decision being based upon the fact that the Satanic International Network is the place to go to for all your fiendish networking needs. If you want to vent, argue or light some fools up, SIN is there. Zach Black has created the most active Satanic forum on the internet and it’s open to any and all forms of expression, as long as it’s done with a degree of civility and class. This new site, though, will include a smaller, more “specialized” forum that will be accessible to members and supporters. While the general public will have the ability to submit comments, they will need  approval by the admins for their comments/responses to be posted. Most importantly this website will feature what we call the three A’s: Academics, Activism and the Arts. This is a place to come for left-hand path information, education and expression. There will be no arguing, rudeness or pettiness, though constructive debate is encouraged. The Sect of the Horned God is a registered educational foundation and it is important that we uphold the standards of such. Also, the Sect book will be coming out this year. This volume has chapters on basic Sect philosophy, how the degree and order systems work, along with essays, poetry, rituals and artwork by Sect members. A must have for any LHP library! 2014 will also be the year of Sect merchandise. T-shirts, patches, bumper-stickers and pendants are just a few of the items that will be available. And, later this year, we’ll be bottling our first batch of Sect of the Horned God wine! A wonderful, blood-red, Cabernet Sauvignon. Activism in the “Real World” will be a big part of the new year. We have plans, BIG plans! For those members who are interested, or who may have an idea or two for rattling a few cages, please let us know. So there you have it. With the new year comes a fresh start for the Sect. In 2014 we are going to make a difference in the world. Thank you for your membership and support! Hail the Horned God! Hail thyself! Hail the Sect!

–Thomas LeRoy

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