Karla LaVey’s First Satanic Church presents the 18th Annual


Friday, December 25, 2015

Held every year at the  Elbo Room, 647 Valencia @ 17th St., San Francisco, California, this event features live music, entertainment and a spread of complimentary food. Doors open at 9pm and tickets can be purchased for $10 (21+-valid photo ID required).

Join us, the Sect of the Horned, as we make our annual trip to the best party of the year!

Hundreds Gather for Unveiling of Satanic Statue in Detroit

July 27th, 2015 by Matt Anderson
The bronze monument was unveiled by the Satanic Temple in Detroit on July 25, 2015


The “largest public satanic ceremony in history”

A little before midnight on Saturday, a crowd of around 700 gathered in an old industrial warehouse a few blocks from the Detroit River for what they’d been told was the “largest public satanic ceremony in history.” Most of them professed to be adherents of Satanism, that loosely organized squad of the occult that defines itself as a religious group. Others came simply because they were curious. After all, Satanists exist in the popular psyche as those who casually sacrifice goats and impregnate Mia Farrow with Lucifer’s child; if this ceremony was indeed unprecedentedly big, who knew what could be in store?

“The Satanic Temple group reportedly presented followers who attended its unveiling of a Satanic statue in Detroit on Saturday with a contract that pledges their souls to Satan.

“I agree that by signing this document under any name, given or adopted, actual or pseudonymous, I am hereby avowing my soul to Satan (aka Abbadon, aka Lucifer, aka Beelzebub, aka the Antichrist). I do so knowing that He (aka The Fallen One, aka The Father of Lies) or any of His representatives may choose to collect my eternal soul at any time, with or without notice,” the contract reads, as shared by The Friendly Atheist blog. 

“I understand that my signature or mark representing any name, real or made up, upon these papers constitutes a lasting and eternal contract, and that there will be no further negotiations on the matter of my eternal soul.”

TST spokesperson Lucien Greaves July 27, 2015 explained that attendees had to sign the contract pledging their souls to Satan after received an e-ticket which revealed the secret location of the event”

Added by Sect of the Horned God


The reality of the event — and of the contemporary Satanic movement at large — was tamer, and, if the Facebook pictures speak the truth, harmlessly festive: a cross between an underground rave and a meticulously planned Halloween party. They were there to publicly unveil a colossal bronze statue of Baphomet, the goat-headed wraith who, after centuries of various appropriations, is now the totem of contemporary Satanism. The pentagram, that familiar logo of both orthodox Satanists and disaffected teens, originated as a rough outline of Baphomet’s head.

The statue itself is impressive: almost nine feet tall, and weighing in at around a ton. The horned idol sits on a throne adorned with a pentagram, but it is the idol’s wings, and not his chair, that curiously evoke the Iron Throne from a certain celebrated HBO fantasy series. He has the jarring horns of a virile ram but the biceps of a guy who lifts four or five times a week. His legs, which are crossed, end not in feet but in hooves. It might seem more menacing if not for the two bronze-statue children standing on either side of him — a girl on his left; a boy on his right; both are looking up at him earnestly.

“Baphomet contains binary elements symbolizing a reconciliation of opposites, emblematic of the willingness to embrace, and even celebrate differences,” Jex Blackmore, who organized the unveiling, told TIME late Sunday night. In a sense, the statue is a stress test of American plurality: at what point does religious freedom make the people uncomfortable?

Blackmore directs the Detroit Chapter of the Satanic Temple, on e of the coherent organizations in a field that’s otherwise disorganized and dogmatically nebulous. The Satanic Temple has chapters in Florida and Finland, in Italy and Minneapolis. Its headquarters are in New York, but the Detroit office is its first and largest outpost. Blackmore- who, by the way uses a pseudonym for safety reasons-grew up in the Detroit metropolitan area and returned to the city to work with the Satanic Temple after attend a lecture on Satanism at Harvard.

Asked whether her group is a religious organization (or rather an anti-religious organization) she explains that it’s less of a church and more of an affinity group, built around what she repeatedly refers to as “Satanic principles.” It’s not the dogma you might expect. To quote from the group’s website:

The Satanic Temple holds to the basic premise that undue suffering is bad, and that which reduces suffering is good. We do not believe in symbolic “evil.”

Most vitally, though, the group does not “promote a belief in a personal Satan.” By their logic, Satan is an abstraction, or, as Nancy Kaffer  wrote forThe Daily Beast last year, “a literary figure, not a deity — he stands for rationality, for skepticism, for speaking truth to power, even at great personal cost.”

Call it Libertarian Gothic, maybe — some darker permutation of Ayn Rand’s crusade for free will. One witnesses in the Satanic Temple militia a certain knee-jerk reaction to encroachments upon personal liberties, especially when those encroachments come with a crucifix in hand. The Baphomet statue is the Satanic Temple’s defiant retort du jour.

“We chose Baphomet because of its contemporary relation to the figure of Satan and find its symbolism to be appropriate if displayed alongside a monument representing another faith,” Blackmore said.

The monument she refers to is a six-foot marble slab engraved with the Ten Commandments, controversially situated on the grounds of the Oklahoma State Capitol. In 2012, state representative Mike Ritze fronted $10,000 out of his own pocket to have the marker installed in the shadow of the capitol’s dome, prompting the ire of those who believed it flagrantly violated the separation of church and state. The American Civil Liberties Union sued the state of Oklahoma; the Satanic Temple fought fire with fire. If the Christians could chisel their credo onto public property, the argument went, why couldn’t they?

The state didn’t agree, and rejected the Satanic Temple’s petition to place Baphomet’s statute on legislative property. The point is now moot, though: a month ago, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that the Ten Commandments monument violated the state constitution, a judgment that will probably stick in spite of an obstinate governor.

It seems there are battles left to fight, though. A Detroit pastor described the unveiling of the statue as “a welcome home party for evil.” A Catholic activism group in the city actively encouraged people to attend mass at a local cathedral to speak out against the statue — a pray-in, if you will. Meanwhile, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson recently signed a bill that will put the Ten Commandments on a similar monument on the grounds of the State Capitol in Little Rock. The Satanic Temple may be planning a road trip.

Surprise! Even some Christians support Satanist display at Oklahoma Capitol

January 28, 2014 Travis Gettys

The leader of a Satanic temple said he has been touched by the support his group has received for its proposal to place a monument next to the Ten Commandments at the Oklahoma State Capitol. “It’s really encouraging. It’s really moving. We do get a lot of messages that start out with the caveat, ‘You know I am a Christian.’ However, and they explain that they appreciate what we’re doing,” Lucien Greaves, a spokesperson for the Satanic Temple, told KWTV. The New York City-based group proposed a 7-foot, goat-headed Baphomet figure to be  placed on a stone slab, flanked by two smiling children, on the capitol grounds after a Republican lawmaker and conservative Christians were permitted to erect the monument to the Mosaic laws. “It’s not a call to war against one side or the other, it’s actually a call for reconciliation to have a plurality of voices,” Greaves said. “There is no singular voice of the Oklahoman, you need to embrace the diversity of your population and see that no single politician’s view represents the entirety of the law abiding citizenry in Oklahoma.” He said support for the monument, which he suggested would allow children to have their pictures taken on the figure’s lap for family fun, is growing by the day. “We’ve gotten a lot of messages from people saying that they served or are serving in the armed forces, and they feel that these values are exactly what we fought for,” Greaves said. KWTV spoke with several Oklahoma residents who agree. “This is kind of what America was based on, freedom of religion. And for us to say whether you believe in it or not, that it shouldn’t be there, is kind of wrong,” said resident Bailee Boyce. But others agree with some state lawmakers, who argue that Satanists should not be given the same treatment as Christians. “Having little kids around it, that’s just ridiculous,” said Terry Hill, pastor of the Canadian County Cowboy Church. “I mean, don’t understand where they come from.” Yukon resident Harold Harvey said he worried about the Satanic monument’s supporters. “We hope every one of them gets saved because they’re going to live with Satan in a bad place for an eternity, and in my mind, that’s the worst thing that could happen,” Harvey said. The Oklahoma City Capitol Preservation Commission has placed a moratorium on new monuments until a lawsuit over the Ten Commandments monument is resolved. Other groups, including PETA and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, have petitioned for their own displays. “We have to let this play out however it plays out, but we’ll keep pushing to make sure that it’s going ahead,” said Greaves, who submitted designs to the preservation commission. The temple intends to create the monument even if its proposal is rejected.

Bernard McGuirk sorry for Suggesting Satanists should be shot



McGuirk, executive producer of  ‘Imus In The Morning’,  was reacting to reports that The Satanic Temple religious group wanted to build a statue of Satan in Oklahoma.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014, 3:00 PM

The Satanic Temple unveiled designs Monday for a 7-foot-tall statue of Satan it wants to put at the Oklahoma state Capitol, where a Ten Commandments monument was placed in 2012. The group formally submitted its application to a panel that oversees the Capitol grounds, including an artist’s rendering that depicts Satan as Baphomet, a goat-headed figure with horns, wings and a long beard that’s often used as a symbol of the occult. In the rendering, Satan is sitting in a pentagram-adorned throne with smiling children next to him.

Photo courtesy of The Satanic  Temple

The Satanic Temple religious group wants to erect a statue of Satan in  Oklahoma. Hell hath no fury like a Satanic religious group scorned.

A sidekick of popular radio host Don Imus apologized Tuesday morning five  days after saying on the air that a select group of Satanists should be  shot. Appearing as part of a panel on WABC’s “Imus In The Morning” on Thursday, Bernard McGuirk had  responded with fury to reports that The Satanic Temple religious group wants to  erect a 7-foot-tall statue of Satan at the Oklahoma state capital, where a Ten  Commandments momument also resides. “They should be able to put the statue up and then they should be shot right  next to it,” McGuirk said Thursday on “Imus,” which is simulcast on Fox  Business. “And then we take it down.”

Bernard McGuirk (left) discusses the proposed Satan statue on 'Imus' as Alan Colmes looks on.

Bernard McGuirk (left) discusses the  proposed Satan statue with  Alan Colmes.

Members of the The Satanic Temple were outraged and demanded an apology. “Advocacy of the murder of American citizens based on their religious  beliefs is intolerable and sickening,” the group wrote in a letter to Fox News.  “For (FOX News) to disseminate such a position as part of a televised debate on  a national network strikes at the heart of this country’s founding principles  and potentially places the Temple’s members in imminent danger. “Our client requests that the Fox News Network immediately issue The Satanic  Temple an apology for broadcasting a call for the murder of its members, who  simply desire to be treated equally with every other religion in this country,”  the letter continues. “In addition, they would like to see a public reprimand of  Bernard McGuirk”. A contrite McGuirk obliged, apologizing to the Satanic group on the air.  “My comments were rooted in ignorance,” said McGuirk, also the executive  producer of the show. “Satanists do not promote evil a la Charles Manson or  Hitler. Regardless, I don’t want to see anybody shot, that’s the truth of the  matter, so I do apologize unequivocally. I apologize for those comments and  certainly, certainly withdraw them.” TST officials say McGuirk and others often misunderstand what the group is  all about. “Even the most basic and cursory perusal of our website could have served to  correct these panelists,” TST spokesperson Lucien Greaves said. “It is  unconscionable that a news panel would express opinions without doing any  research. Ours is a philosophy that is meant to enrich lives and encourage  benevolence. It is reprehensible that a nationally televised commentator could  call for our execution regarding any item of disagreement, much less based upon  entirely imagined presumptions.” According to the group’s website, the mission of The Satanic Temple is “to  encourage benevolence and empathy among all people. In addition, we embrace  practical common sense and justice. As Satanists we all should be guided by our  conscience to undertake noble pursuits guided by our individual wills. We  believe that this is the hope of all mankind and the highest aspiration of  humanity.” The statue of Satan likely won’t be erected anytime soon. The Oklahoma  Capitol Preservation Commission placed a moratorium on considering new requests  and local legislators have resisted the idea. “I do not see Satanism as a religion, and they have no place at the state  Capitol,” said Rep. Earl Sears (R-Bartlesville). “I think you’ve got to remember where you are. This is Oklahoma, the middle  of the heartland,” said Rep. Don Armes (R-Faxon). “I think we need to be  tolerant of people who think different than us, but this is Oklahoma, and that’s  not going to fly here.” With News Wire Services dboroff@nydailynews.com

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/imus-sidekick-suggesting-satanists-shot-article-1.1579275#ixzz2qaQgyACo

Counter-Protest to the Westboro Baptist Church

By The DARKFOOL January 2014


Many are aware of the Westboro Baptist Church. They are an exceptionally small denomination of fundamentalist Christians who show up to protest the funerals of soldiers, gays, celebrities, etc, and who marginally and consciously barely avoid (legally) that which could be considered “hate speech”. On January, 12th, 2014, they again reared their ugly heads in Glendale, California to picket four different funerals, and the Sect was present at every one of them. Lead by The Dark Fool, the Sect of the Horned God counter-protested by holding signs with the Sect sigil along with other statements such as “Your signs are colorful, are you gay?”. Signs such as ours were in direct response to the numerous “God Hates Fags” carried by the WBC. The Sect of the Horned God has only just begun to partake in campaigns all across the U.S. and beyond. As a multifaceted educational foundation, we are determined to challenge faith-based thought that places “belief” over that of rational skepticism. To that end, we are setting in place regional managers who will act on behalf of the Sect of the Horned God regarding “protests”. This is only the beginning.


Karla LaVey’s Black Xmass Party, 2013! Another successful year!

December 25th 2013 by Sect of The Horned God


Karla LaVey, daughter of Anton LaVey, presented the 16th Annual Black X Mass, December 25th, 2013 (Christmas night) at the Elbo Room in San Francisco. Bands, free food, and very interesting Satanic folks made for a most enjoyable evening. In attendance this year were Thomas LeRoy, Mistress Babylon, Zach Black, Rhonda Ostrowitz Favero and other Sect of the Horned God members and friends. news3 The ever ageless and lovely Ms. LaVey was a gracious hostess, while the First Satanic Church members were all stellar examples of Satanic class and decorum. Ms. LaVey truly upholds her father’s mantle. Where the Church of Satan has seemed to slip a bit over the years, Ms. LaVey and her First Satanic Church have retained what it means to be LaVeyan Satanists. karla16 As all Muslim must make the pilgrimage, or Hajj, to Mecca, Satanists should at least once attend the Black Xmass Party (okay, I know that’s a stretch, but you get my point).

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