With ever-increasing memberships and standing as THE educational foundation within LHP-circles, the Sect Of The Horned God has been using various media to inform and educate its members and non-members on the very basics of Satanism.


This has given rise to a steadily growing video-basis for those who like the audible word over the written one.
Subjects range from the different flavors of Satanism towards very specific aspects and ideas related to, or derived from, the LHP in general.
Because of the diversity and air of familiarity, many of the videos will be products of personal interest that will draw-in the attention of you, the watcher.


You will now find, for your convenience, that the videos have been ordered into different pages.
This will enable you, the browser, to more easily find that video you have been searching for.


Not all videos will be posted on this website.
To have an overview of all videos and updates you are welcomed to visit (and possibly subscribe) to our official YouTube-channel.

Thomas Leroy: The Sect Of The Horned God

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