Who ARE You?

by Jake Block

I was once asked by Michael Aquino during an online discussion where I challenged one of his claims about the Church of Satan not surviving after his departure to form The Temple of Set, with the words, “Who are you?  I’ve never heard of you.,” to which I responded, “Good.  That means I was doing my job.”

I sometimes get tickled when I see some of the Christian sites, and even some of the “satanic” ones, listing key Satanists on the web or in the real world.  I always smile when I see my name is not on the list, although I have been deeply involved in Satanism for over 40 years.  No, I was never the kind of guy to get on the TV talk shows of the 70s and 80s and yak about why we Satanists were not in some secret plot of kill and molest kids.  I was the kind of guy who wrote the script.  I never liked being in front of a camera.  I was the guy taking the pictures.  I seldom used my own name when writing in support of a project, not out of fear, but because in NOT doing so, I had greater leeway in what I could say, since being a military man with a Top Secret clearance places limitations on your freedom of speech that a civilian never has to worry about.

And I learned that it wasn’t always the man standing tall in front of the cameras that was actually getting things done on the practical, day-to-day levels in Satanism… or any other endeavor, for that matter… but those who were standing behind him, and doing things that made HIM look good for public (and group) consumption.  That’s the way of the world.  Not everyone needs to be or SHOULD be in the limelight.  If everyone is a star, the play has no supporting cast, and a star can’t BE a star without it.

I can’t quote you the actual statistics… they probably exist somewhere.  In the military we learned that “In the Civil War, there were almost 10 front-line combat troops for every support person in the rear.  In WWI, this ratio changed and there were 3 support troops for every 10 front line soldiers, and this held true more or less until the end of WWII.  By Vietnam, we had approximately 5 support troops for every front line soldier.”  Today’s technologically advanced military and long term, logistically challenging combat operations have swelled the number of support troops substantially.”

Support troops ARE soldiers and ARE front line soldiers, when needed.  But without them, the cooks, the doctors, the motor pool, the quartermasters, the analysts and a hundred other specialties and career fields, the front line soldier would soon find himself hungry, out of ammunition, sick, and possibly even dead.

Anton LaVey is widely credited with the development of Satanism in this common era, and yes, he was highly instrumental in that his vision, charisma and general force of will propelled the movement.  But I’m here to tell you that there were people supporting him every step of the way.  I was one of them, and while there weren’t many in the Black House, we had supporters around the world who were there when needed, providing materiel support, sometimes financial support, and even moral support for when things looked less than promising.  There were people running Grottoes, people running smaller groups, people writing articles and generally showing the colors… and people who never stood out, but did things in the background.

Who is more powerful?  The man who smiles for the camera and can give a good speech, or the speechwriter who knows what that man needs to say in order to be an effective communicator?  Who is more important, the waiter who brings you the delicious food, or the chef who spends years perfecting his craft, toiling away in the hot kitchen?  You could make an argument for either side, but they are both dependent upon the other for success.

So, when you see “leaders of the Satanic Movement” (whatever that actually IS), know there are people behind them.  People like me and people like you who provide  them with the things they need, from ideas to feedback on how things are going, to essays and articles written in such a way as to generate interest and provide momentum.  And yes, a couple of bucks here and there never hurts, because while we don’t see it out here in “the world,” no organization or movement operates without costs that must be paid.

And this is not to say you HAVE to be a part of any particular organization, or support any particular luminary along the line.  But should you choose to, just consider that it IS your choice, and the amount of support and the KIND of support you give is a personal decision.

There are times when we sometimes feel like just a cog in the machine of life, be it in business, in sports, in education and any other aspect of life as well.  But when you feel (and at times we ALL do) that what you are doing doesn’t matter, remember that you are providing support… a piece of the puzzle that perhaps no one else has.  And that seemingly insignificant piece MIGHT just be the key to victory.  Remember:

For Want Of A Nail — (Various Sources)

“For want of a nail the shoe was lost.

For want of a shoe the horse was lost.

For want of a horse the rider was lost.

For want of a rider the message was lost.

For want of a message the battle was lost.

For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.

And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.”


If I can provide that nail, I can help win the war.


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