Words of Power

by Jake Block

Abracadabra!  So Mote It Be!  It is Done!  And lest we forget, SHEMHAMFORASH!  The words of power in a magical sense are the catalyst for change that begins in the mind of the magician.  It’s been that way for centuries, and the words of power used by some of the legendary practitioners of magic in its many forms become legend and take on a life of their own.

But we also have words of power, you and I, and we wield them in the prosecution of our daily lives, their recognition prompting function, and that function causes change in accordance to our Will.  “Charge it,” we intone and without blinking an eye, the tradesmen who ply their wares, grant us our desires.   The utterance of the words “Super-size it,” will feed our bellies, and “Make it a double” will quench out thirsts.  “Fill ‘er up” gives mobility, and “Book it,” lodging for the night; “I do,” when asked, “do you?” brings us love for a season, these words, and many more from which to choose, are the province of all who speak the lingo.

These words of power bind us as a culture and as a community within the greater whole.  We share them without anger and without joy.  They simply are, and as long as I can remember, they always have been.  But these days, I find that other words are words of power that only a relatively few employ.  They KNOW the words, and I am sure that on some level, they know that these words of power can give them freedom and comfort and personal independence.  So why are they seemingly afraid to use them?  Perhaps fear of being left out, or worse, thrown out of the comfortable numbness of the herd.  It could be that they feel they don’t have the right to wield the power that these words convey, or that if they use them they may inflict irreparable damage to those around them or the bonds of familiarity with which they have become accustomed.  Are these new words of power that awesome in their potential?  Yes.  If used wisely and well, you will be surprised at the wonders they can do.

\OK.  You’ve all proven your worthiness to receive these new words of power, and I am certain that you can control when and where they will be deployed to give you the most benefit from their power.  So, repeat them after me.  Just a whisper at first, as they may cause a shock to your system.  The first of the new words of power are, “I don’t care.”

Just think of the power these words can give you when you are cornered by the resident complainer who will tell you everything that ails them, what new torments they must endure, and how they are being attacked from all sides by their sinister coworkers, bent upon their destruction.  You simply wait for them to take a breath and say, firmly and with the clearest enunciation, “I DON’T CARE.”  Liberating, isn’t it?

The next words of power that you need to learn come in handy when that special someone who wants you to hold forth on topics that will bolster their personal agendas, especially in front of people they think hold you in high regard, so that if you agree with them your friends will agree with them as well.  He might say, “You know, those damned (insert group here) are ruining our country by trying to buy into our neighborhood and make it another “Little (insert country name here)!  What do YOU think about THAT?”  Imagine the look on his face when you speak clearly and eloquently about the damned (insert group here).  You simply meet his gaze and say, “It’s none of my business!”

And when he insists that you should care and that it certainly IS your business, asking why you don’t care, further confound this shit disturbing cretin by saying yet more words of power…”It’s none of your business.”

Yet another tiresome type who will bother you to death with their constant touting of some product or service that is always vastly superior to that which you use or own.  “You should use a DELL computer,” they say, “You shouldn’t use that lame Macintosh,” or another “Gatesmobile” that they think is also inferior to their brand.  Or, they will tell you what car you should drive, what shirts you should wear, or what kind of dog will be your ideal companion.  Your words of power for this circumstance will make them tilt their heads sideways, and look at you like a dog seeing a “ghost.”

When someone else tells you what you should buy, ask them, “When can you give me the check?”  They will ask, “What check?”  You just answer with, “The one to buy that DELL computer.  If it’s that important to you that I use the kind of computer you say is right for me, then it’s only right that you should pay for it.”  One application of this treatment has been known to keep these trolls quiet for weeks.

Your last words of power for this lesson deal with those who assume you have nothing better to do than cater to their ever whim, giving freely of your time and effort, but never seeming to have the time or resources to reciprocate when the need arises.  You know the word, but for some reason are reluctant to deploy it.  Fear not, my friend, for it will set you free.  When asked for help or some other favor by this fair weather friend, the magical word, “NO” never fails to succeed.

So there you have it, my friends.  Learn these words of power and the world itself shall be your ritual chamber.  Your magic will be known throughout the land, and you shall be master of your domain!


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