Strike While The Iron is Hot, But Have A Variety of Irons To Choose From

by Jake Block

One thing that I am going to suggest to you as a Satanist… or anything else, for that matter… is that you ALWAYS have more than one iron in the fire.  There is strength in diversification or one’s interests, and in not becoming a “one trick pony,” well versed in one subject, but neglecting others, your mind can be free to wander and to pick up on other interests that will make you not only well rounded, but much more likely to see other avenues… other sides… even in your own area of expertise.

We all know of those individuals in real life and on line who can pontificate for hours on the virtues of “X,” but seldom have anything to contribute to any conversation unless they can somehow bring the topic back around to “X,” whether their comment is pertinent or not, and then derailing to the subject to fit their agenda.  They’re a lot like the AMWAY salesman who asks you, “How’s your mother’s diarrhea?  Well, you KNOW, AMWAY has a product that makes cleaning out those soiled panties sooooooooo much easier.”  They will find some way to let you know they are THE go to guy for whatever cause or theory they have, no matter what the cost.  Pretty soon, your conversation about how to cook your turkey dinner is long forgotten, and all you want to do is get away from the clod.

Now, I’m sure you have been in a chatroom or a real life conversation where several of these types have come together in a perfect storm of bombastic verbosity.  They no longer talk WITH each other, but AT each other, with their one-sided, one-scripted tirades of what they KNOW, which is all that they know, and all they can talk about.  It becomes gibberish.  It becomes boring.

To my mind, the most interesting people are the Jacks-of-all-trades, who know a little about a lot of things, and can hold their own in a conversation on subjects from politics to crafting, or painting to photography.  You may not learn the history of any subject from them, but invariably, you pick up on some of the tricks of the trade that they have managed to glean in their well-rounded life.  Seldom boring, and usually equally interested in what you have to say, rather than hearing the sound of their own voice, their diversity of knowledge is always refreshing, and sometimes they can relate their variety of experiences to a subject that you might need a fresh perspective on.

We all have hobbies, interests and experiences that we can share with others and break out of the doldrums of stale philosophies and ancient truths that we can often find tedious to try to adapt to our world of today.  How many times can you hear a retelling of Schrodinger’s Cat before you just don’t give a damn if it’s dead or alive?  Pretty soon, you want to scream, “JUST OPEN THE BOX AND LOOK, YOU DAMNED JACKASS!”

There is a time and a place for deadpan seriousness, for sure and there are times when one’s voluminous knowledge of all things Satanic or Scientific or Philosophic are much appreciated.  But we have people who go from page to page, saying the same damned thing, trolling for attention, with never a care that people might just not be all that interested in what they have to say.  And then you have the E-book authors who post their magnum opus’ on some free site and plug them as validation of their personal theories, expecting people to feel that in doing so, they are experts in that subject.  Call them on it, and they will always come up with, “I’m not asking anyone to agree with me, or even care what I have posted at”

If you want to be seen as an interesting person and a good conversationalist both on and off-line, diversify.  Read about things other that your main interest, and you will find that conversations with others about their interests without trying to push your own agendas can be quite fulfilling and might even lead you to find new interests that can enhance and illustrate your primary focus in life.

Consider this.  You go onto a chat room or bulletin board dedicated to the baking of chocolate cake and post something like “You MUST use two eggs or it is NOT chocolate cake, because that’s how I was taught to make it, and that’s simply the way it is done.”  You can’t really be all that surprised when you get your ass handed to you but pastry chefs who might know a dozen recipes for delicious chocolate cakes that show you can indeed use more than two or less than two or even none at all, given the right supporting ingredients.

It happens every day.  Someone reads a book and VOILA!  They are an expert at whatever skill or philosophy they claim as their major interest.  “What is an expert on the interenet?  Most often it’s a kid with access to Wikipedia.”


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