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"The Invention, Development and Prognosis of Christ
  1. Year 1 c.e. An Idea
  2. Year 100 c.e. The Son of God
  3. Year 1800 c.e. The acme of human perfection
  4. Year 1900 c.e. A great teacher
  5. Year 1950 c.e. A revolutionary
  6. Year 1970 c.e. A fallible, representative man
  7. Year 1975 c.e. A symbolic image, representative of a human type.
  8. Year 1985 c.e. A descriptive word with an interesting origin
  9. Year 2000 c.e. A well-known folk myth”
— Anton LaVey, The Satanic Rituals (circa 1969 c.e.)
You and I, the earth, the planets and even Facebook has a timeline that can be plotted and, as in LaVey’s analysis of the evolution of the Christ figure, predicted to some degree, if one understands the cyclical nature of things. As we learned in our basic science classes, matter can neither be created nor destroyed, but reused by changing its state, form and function, there by becoming the raw material and building blocks of things yet to come. Even seemingly dead things, like rocks have a timeline, moving through an endless recycling of the earth itself via the rising and descending of massive tectonic plates, at once a pebble then perhaps a plain and even a mighty mountain range. Pangea to Pangea as the continents drift and collide, our planet becomes renewed in a cycle that is never ending and unstoppable. Even extinction level events like the asteroids, Ice Ages and other natural phenomena that erase the evolutionary mistakes and misdirections to bring forth new species and new evolutionary paths take us, as a world, ever forward. With each renewal, and every shifting of the path, the timeline continues… the timeline endures.
In a microcosmic sense, the human cycle of birth, death, reabsorption and renewal helps us make sense of this sometimes “senseless act of living.” In societies that believe in reincarnation, the matter that was once “human” maintains its integrity as a “soul” and is recycled over and over again as in a purifying crucible until the penultimate being is pure and ready to be ascended to form union with the godhead. Pangea to Pangea. Satanism, sees no recycling of the human “soul,” but recognizes the eternal timeline, as in LaVey’s writing on man as an island. “I am involved in growth, and the incompetent dead can at best provide fertilizer.  Then, although the land be lesser in size, it will be richer in soil and lusher in visage.”  The dead simply return to the earth from whence they came, acting as fertilizer for the renewal process.  There is no divine unification, but a realization that when one dies, the world goes on and they simply become base material for the continuation of existence without psychic self-awareness or sentience.
Within the timelines of existence, there will always be those whose influence and elevated enlightenment sways others to examine and sometimes accept their viewpoint. In the case of cultures so inclined, Messiah’s, Prophets and Holy Men emerge. It is their duty to maintain the standards of those cultures to which they ascend, based on their acceptance and reinterpretation of that which had been reinterpreted before in conformance to cultural lineage. In the case of those who, by natural selection and genetic predisposition, find that their minds need to delve deeper into the cultural myth and mythos, coming up with new interpretations that might contradict the cultural norm, or even radically deny it, Philosophers, Revolutionaries and those who we recognize today as “Left Hand Path” personalities emerge. It is their duty to challenge the standards of those cultures to which they ascend, based on personal examination of the cultural myth and mythos, clarifying and recodifying it to meet the needs of modernity, often in defiance of cultural direction.
Each of us has our own timeline that begins with our birth and ends with our death. What we do with it is pretty much a function or our personality, our ability to think, analyze and rationalize our lives in context with a greater whole. It behooves us to use our time wisely, for we shall never pass this way again.

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