The Parable of the Contented Fox

by Jake Block


There was a wily fox, the wiliest fox there ever was, and he ruled his run ‘round Nottingham, well-fed while others went hungry.  He knew where the eggs would be found, and he found them each and every night, and while other foxes had to share the wealth, he always dined alone.  He slept soundly in the mornings after a night’s foraging was through, and if he woke up hungry, there was always food for him too.  Because he was the wily fox, wily as could be, and he smiled, knowing no other fox could be quite so lucky as he.
While other foxes ‘round Nottingham might have to roam afar to find enough to eat, he was lucky that in his neck of the woods, there was always a door ajar, and an egg or two to be found, and hens that always laid.  Cool waters were plentiful too, near where his comfortable den of straw was made.  So why would he think of leaving and venturing far away, where me might have to fend off the others to get his fair share every day?  He’d stay here where life was easy, and no rivals to challenge his reign.  He wouldn’t have to share his bounty or battle for his slice of life.  So long as no others discovered this comfortable life he had made, he’d just go on living and sleeping and resting all day in the shade.
It’s easy to take life for granted when you’re given the means to survive and you don’t have to fend off your rivals or share in the bounty you’ve found.  So. contented. his life was a pleasure, until the day the horn’s baying did sound, and he finally paid for his pleasures when he was driven out, and the hunters released their hounds.

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