You Must Be Serious

by Jake Block

Enthusiasm begets enthusiasm, and dedication begets dedication, and that twinkle in the steely eye of the true believer will always be met with one of equal intensity.  But that spark of reality and conviction has to be present before a guy like me will even be interested in any enterprise or project presented to me.  Once I’m onboard, I can do things and I can make commitments of my time and resources, so long as I get the feeling that someone is aware and working seriously toward the success of the project at hand.
Simply stated, I need to see that someone is serious and seriously convinced that my participation is integral to the project’s success.  I’ve worked with people like that and it makes spending time and volunteering my resources and skill-set worth the time and effort.  But, by the same token, I’ve met people who want my help and want my resources, and they talk a good game, but it’s a game they never really get their head into.  Instead of a 100% commitment to success, they treat it like it’s a done deal, giving it less time than the average hobbyist building a kit model on a weekend.
In such a case, why in the hell should I, who really have nothing to gain through my participation, expend more time and effort than the project’s primary partners?  My reputation is on the line with people that see my name or know that I am working on a project, so its success or failure affects me, especially if I am to endorse the project and enlist their participation.  AND even more so if in endorsing that project, I influence them to pay for attendance, expend money on transportation and lodging and food during the event.  So, it matters to me that the project is not only well constructed, but provides value for the funds that they will expend.  If, in good conscience, I cannot support it, I will, with all due respect, decline to be a part of the project and.  I won’t work against them, as in the end, how a person spends their hard earned money is a personal matter.  Caveat emptor.
If asked privately, I will always give my own reasons for attending or for not attending, and allow requestors to make up their own minds.  They can assign any gravity to my opinions based on whatever criteria they so choose.
To those who seek to bring the various factions and groupings of what we see as “The Left Hand Path,” together, you will find a friend in me, so long as you bring your A game and elevate this sharing of ideas across the often blurred lines that seldom bind us, but indicate that we might not be as alone on the path as it sometimes might feel.  Unity is a fleeting concept that seldom lasts, but if, in understanding one another, we gain just a bit of enlightenment to aid us in our personal journeys, so much the better.
2018 promises to be a banner year for the coming together of Left Hand Path groupings, with Flambeau Noir being set for Portland, Oregon in April of 2018 and The Left Hand Path Consortium, slated for the St. Louis area in July of that same year.  What lies beyond?  We’ll each have to wait and see or… if the spirit moves us, throw our hat and our resources into the ring to spawn yet another coming together of minds somewhere in the world.  Anyone with a message and a bit of madness might be the next great Left Hand Path event entrepreneur.  It could be me, or it could be YOU.
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