Hyperbolic Magic

by Jake Block


These days, it’s not fashionable to consider the power of ritual in what Satanists call Ritual Magic, or “Greater Magic.”  Greater magic, as defined by Anton LaVey in The Satanic Bible:  “Ritual magic consists of the performance of a formal ceremony, taking place, at least in part, within the confines of an area set aside for such purposes and at a specific time.  I maintain its function is to isolate the otherwise dissipated adrenal and other emotionally induced energy, and convert it into a dynamically transmittable force.  It is purely an emotional, rather than an intellectual act.  Any and all intellectual activity must take place before the ceremony, not during it.  This type of magic is sometimes known as “greater magic.”

So what does this mean?  LaVey believed that the mind was capable of being a catalyst for change, in what at the time could be called “mind magic,” where “one thinks and makes it so,” in a magical sense.  This assumed that the mind could somehow harness the power of thought for compassion or for malevolence; cursing or blessing.

This was pretty common thinking in new age movements of the time, in a more benign sort of way.  Fundamentally, this implied that thinking “it”… either alone or in groups… was enough to make “it” happen, whatever “IT” might be.  This was related to in terms of a popular short story, The Barnhardt Effect, in which it was postulated that if 1000 people stared at a pot of water and simultaneously silently projected the thought, “boil” one hundred times, the water would indeed begin to boil; the theory being that the combined thoughts of these 1000 people was powerful enough to raise the temperature of the water to 212° F (100° C).

I used to like to demonstrate the futility of this in groups that I spoke with by suggesting that they try to move and object with the combined power of their concentrated thoughts.  I would have them focus on something small, and thereby presumably “easy” to move, perhaps an ash tray or a coffee cup.  I would tell them to concentrate intently on moving the item from “here to there,” a matter of inches.  Moments passed as I watched them strain and stare, brows furrowed in thought.  But the ash tray remained unaffected, still and cold.  Eventually, I just called a halt to the “ritual,” and told them that I could do it myself, picking up the ashtray in my hand and moving it physically.  The lesson… don’t waste your time and energy on magic when you can do it faster and easier with a little personal effort.

Sometimes they “got it.”  Other times, not.

But LaVey’s concept dealt more with emotional release and satisfaction.  Catalytic force as the impetus for cathartic reactions, in it’s simple explanation.  But the process of ritualization and release toward a specific outcome or “Is To Be” required the body and mind to be stimulated into a hyperbolic state.  This was ideally accomplished through hyperadrenalization (intense anger or emotion), or through hypersexualization (intense and extended orgasmic activity.)  These work best in the ritual constructs of the Conjurations for Destruction and Lust.  A Destruction Ritual or a Sex Ritual.

A word about Hyperbolic Magic, before we continue.  It’s intense, it can be stressfull, and it’s not for the casual “magician.”  It’s very personal and it can be traumatizing.  It can change your life, and not always in ways you might anticipate.  THINK before you plan or participate and only engage in this form of situational magic with someone you can trust and knows what you can and can’t accept.

Destruction rituals are pretty much raising hell at the world or one’s object of destruction in a tirade of rage and concentrated hate.  Throw in some visuals… a voodoo doll, knives, guns… whatever you need to project and maintain that enraged hyperbolic state, and there you are.  Many people experience something like that in the solitude of their car, stuck in a 4 hour traffic jam on I-80 between San Francisco and Vallejo, California, twice a day, five days a week.  It’s normally an ineffective ritual and results in impotent rage, because there is seldom an isolable target for one to vent against.

At the end of a successful ritual of destruction, I have seen people shaking, drenched with sweat and needing a cool-down period before they were sufficiently recuperated from the intensity of the ritual and the energy they have expended.

A well-wrought sex ritual… well, that’s a different animal altogether!

Most people think that ritual sex is simply having sex, with possibly a specific goal on your mind.  You get together with your main squeeze, get naked, think about the new car you want and ten minutes later, you’re watching Lucifer on Monday night TV.  Well… welcome to the average Monday night in most households where sex is going to happen.

There are couples whose sexual activity might be more intense.  They might fix their minds on that new car, and then spend some time in foreplay.  Maybe the sex will be good, hopefully they’ll work up a good sweat, orgasms will happen and then they’ll hold each other as they drift off to sleep, thinking that maybe if they get that new Subaru, it will be available in green.  

Whether or not even two sexually elevated people who normally have sex could attain and maintain an adequate degree of hypersexualization over and above their normal levels of sexualization might be in question.

Some people might engage in forced orgasms to simulate hypersexuality.

That’s sex with minor elements of ritual.  Not ritual sex.

Ritual Sex is a study in psychology, sensuality, sexuality, energy use and conservation, and even the logistics of interpersonal movement.  Ritual sex is talking together, negotiation, production, the ramping up of intimacy between participants and the attainment and sustaining of the hypersexualized state of all involved.  All of these are important, because a well developed sex ritual can and often does last for several hours with very brief respites.  Two to four hours can be considered, but I have seen and been involved with processes that have lasted eight hours or more.  That’s 8 hours of hypersexualization.

Composition of a sex ritual COULD be limited two two people in a committed relationship,  That is, if they are capable of maintaining a hypersexualized state until the point of inflection… when the vision of the Is To Be is cast.  This could be at the point of orgasm in a simple sense, but if hypersexualization is extended, it could be several times throughout the session, only to be ramped up again as sexual activity continues for the duration of the session.

I am of the opinion that the best composition is in odd numbers.  The ideal being three participants, either two men and one woman or two women and one man.  I have seen more being used, but this can sometimes run into a management problem, depending on the gender split of the group.  The goal is to keep stimulation of each member constant and as intense as possible, so the more people involved, the greater the possibility of one or more members being less impacted.

I’ll concentrate, for the purpose of this writing, on a triad of two males and a female, who will be the subject of the ritual, upon whom the focus will be made, resulting in the most intense hypersexualized state.  Unless both men are experienced in ritual sex, I am going to recommend that the woman participate only with those she is not emotionally committed to.  If one of the males is the woman’s significant other, he must be able to handle what will happen.  He will be seeing his woman being sexually stimulated and sexually stimulating the other man in the group, as well as her significant other.  There will be times when the attached male might be playing a secondary roll in the sexual interactions between the woman and the other man, and they will be in close contact for hours.

It is much more advisable for this working triad to be made up of a woman and men who know and respect each other and have the emotional ability to handle the societal taboos that ritual sex can challenge.  A strong triad can handle the hypersexualization and intimate manipulations while keeping their goal of mentally projecting the Is To Be… the final outcome of this magical exercise.

But prior to the first touch and the first thought of any outcomes, negotiations occur.  The three must sit down together and discuss many things and only when they are in agreement can things continue.  They must discuss what can and can’t happen.  I’m reminded of an old limerick about a gay man and a lesbian:

“A gay man one night in Khartoum

Took a lesbian up to his room.

They argued all night

Over who had the right

To do what and which and to whom!”

Negotiations cover the composition of the session.  Three phases?  Masturbation, Oral, Vaginal.  Multiple orgasms.  Agreed?  Move on.

Disallowed activities?  No marks, no anal, no urine.  Agreed?  Move on.

Appreciated activities?  Spanking, minor nipple pain (men/women), kissing, rough  sex.  Agreed?  Move on.

Determine the Is To Be as it is to be projected.  Agreed?  Move on.

These negotiations would typically take place in the hours before any planned activities might occur.  Perhaps over pizza and wine in one’s living room.  Then there should be a short time for decompression and relaxation until when it feels right to begin, and that should normally be pretty much indistinguishable from normal affection between people.  Touching, kissing, snuggling.  No one should be aggressive.  Ideally, the woman should indicate that she is ready for more.

The ritual itself will pretty much flow on its own, if all participants are on the same page.  But one might consider the qualities of those who will be involved.  What special skill-sets might they need to possess?  It’s an intense and stressful situation that calls for stamina and an extraordinary degree of concentration over an extended period of time.

It’s known that a woman’s libido recharges at a faster rate than a man, who often requires at least 30 minutes to an hour after climax to be able to perform again.  That is the reason that the triad of two men and one woman is a practical arrangement.  However, if a woman is multi-orgasmic, even then her two male counterparts might be at a disadvantage.  Modern pharmacopeia offers assistance in the form of Viagra or Cialis, but meditation and pranic breathing techniques are natural assists, as seen in tantric traditions.

Pranic breathing is a highly-energizing breathing technique that utilizes the principles of rhythm, a specific breathing count, and retention, as well as the purposeful holding of the breath in the lungs at specific times, to enable one to draw in large quantities of “prana” to boost their vitality and stamina.  In the Hindu philosophy, “prana” is the Sanskrit word for “life force.”  Indologist Georg Feuerstein explains, “The Chinese call it “chi,” the Polynesians “mana,” the Amerindians “orenda,” and the ancient Germans “od.”  It is an all-pervasive ‘organic’ energy.  Breathing techniques and relaxation techniques can aid in leveling the playing field between men and women, in matters of sexual stamina.

Following this or any other hyperbolic practice, it’s important that all involved have a cool-down period to allow their bodily functions to return to a less adrenalized state.  And in the case of the sex magic, it is vital that only those who choose to participate are involved and of age to make informed decisions on their own behalf.

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