No Sale

by Jake Block

I was recently asked when I sold my soul to Satan, and did I receive my success in the bargain. I chuckled at the question, and the gentleman didn’t quite understand what I found so funny. I looked at him and said, honestly, “John, I never sold my soul to Satan, and I never made a bargain for anything. I’m not a Satanist because of any bargain. I’m a Satanist because it’s natural for me to be a Satanist, and I got my success in life because I worked my ass off to be successful. Nobody, man nor god “gave me” anything. Moreover, you can’t make a bargain with someone who doesn’t exist for something that doesn’t exist.”

Now in his “southern born and bred mind,” this just didn’t make sense. He had a book that he had always been told was written by GOD that assures him that there is a Satan and that Satan will bargain for your soul. In fact this book even showed how Satan attempted to buy the soul of none other than Jesus, the son of God. He even quoted it from memory. Matthew 4:9 in his “Holy Bible.” 
“All this I will give to you,’ he said, ‘if you will bow down and worship me.”

I asked, “John, do you really believe this?” He assured me that he did, and that this book was the unerring word of God. I shook his hand and said, “Well, John, there’s really nothing that I can tell you.”

Communication has to come from a place of commonality… the parties have to understand each other on some level. While I think I understand where John is coming from, because I have read his book and that of the Jews and that of the Muslim and that of others who surrender their humanity and their lives to those gossamer ideas that become gods simply because those who believe are assured that in giving up one’s desires on earth, they will gain great rewards in heaven. To John, that would translate to “Those who don’t believe are assured that if they give up their great rewards in heaven, they will receive their desires on earth.”

John sees life as a coin toss… one side or the other, and can’t comprehend what Satanist would call the “third side option.” The idea that one can control one’s own destiny isn’t something that is in the book. You either surrender to GOD or be destroyed in the fiery pits of Hell. All is predetermined, and all are subject to the Will of GOD. Now, John understands success. He’s a fairly successful man himself, and he will admit to working hard for his money and the small luxuries that that success can provide for him and his family, but he insists that that is all part of “God’s Plan,” and if God did not wish him to prosper, he would be poor. And of course, God needs the 10% tithe that John’s success assures.

So John finally responds, after thinking, and tells me that I must be giving SOMETHING to Satan, perhaps I too must tithe for my success. The confusion showed on his face when I explain that we don’t tithe. We parted company with a shake of the hands, and a strange look on John’s face, like he’d just been sold a bill of goods. In his binary world, he just couldn’t accept that third side option. So he would continue his life the way it had always been. He would raise his family, go to church on Sunday, work hard and tithe to his God. He would be happy and secure in his faith, and that’s ok.

It’s not my job to argue with those who don’t see the world as I do. Our best argument is in quietly living well, despite what others might think of us and how miserable they think we should be without the love of Jesus. They think we have sold our souls to Satan for our successes, but they have given theirs freely and pay their God for the privilege. It’s not for me to say that he and millions of others are wrong… I’m not invested in their lives.

As for me, I’ll go on, godless and free, and definitely not for sale.

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