I Don’t Bring Light…Not Even the Matches

by Jake Block

I received an email from a woman who told me that she appreciates my writing, and that she views me as her teacher, a guru and said that I must be a Luciferian… a light bringer… and someone who’s purpose is to share my enlightenment with the world.

I thanked her for her kind words, but told her that my purpose in life has nothing to do with enlightening anyone, sharing anything, or being anyone’s personal teacher.  I just speak truth as is truth to me, and if that resonates with someone else, then it says more about them than it does about me, because any “trickle down enlightenment” that someone attains from reading what I have written is appreciated, however it is unintentional.

“Enlightenment” that someone requires training in is the enlightenment of another, and is merely borrowed until one can find the will to discern truth for themselves.  I personally don’t have a calling to, or a drive to, or a mandate to bring enlightenment to anyone else.  I’m simply a writer who writes what he feels he has learned in his own “journey” on this left hand path.  If you seek enlightenment, you have to do the heavy lifting for yourself, because, if you’re waiting for me to bring you the light, you’ll spend your life in darkness.

I know that seems cold, and I know that seems self-centered, but in truth, all “enlightenment” IS cold and self-centered, if it’s going to mean a damn to you.  Your chief responsibility as an individual in the only life that you will ever receive is to make it as productive for yourself as you can, defining that productivity on your own terms, subject only to your own approval, and answerable only to your own conscience.  The proof of your perfection comes not in the accolades you receive, although it is entirely possible that when others see that the way you live your life sets you apart, or perhaps gives others something to emulate, you might just receive kudos and accolades for your successes.

No.  I’m not a Luciferian… you are not my student and you are not my brother, simply because you choose to be.  And I don’t break bread with those who simply want my company, or feel that “since we’re on the same bus, we might as well enjoy the ride together.”  I’m a Satanist, old school, surviving in a new world where I am an anachronism and as out of place as any stranger in a strange land can be.  Indeed, I see our world today as an aberration of the Left Hand Path, where the stench of egalitarianism and “brotherhood” blinds most to the fact that they’ve become just another herd.  They loudly proclaim themselves to be a pack of wolves, having read some fairy tales about how the wolves live in some magical glade, where their existence is noble and enlightened, above the herds, yet destined, somehow to educate and enlighten that accursed herd, bringing them slowly up to their exalted level.

Yes, it’s as ridiculous as that seems.  To my mind we were never set apart as “the other” to somehow make our way back to the fold as some prodigal sons and daughters who return in glory, to save their poor and downtrodden brothers and sisters, repenting of our wasted youth, but eager now to share and to lead.  Forget it.  We were not “cast out” of “heaven.”  We CHOSE to leave and we CHOSE the Left Hand Path, and that path is a lonely and often dark path that requires all we have to give if we are to survive and thrive apart from the touchy-feely group-think “happiness” of the herd.. or pack, if you must.

Those that do accompany me on this journey do so for a season, and are fully aware that they’re responsible for their own well-being.  And while we may cooperate and we may assist one another, it’s by choice and it’s a rare and beautiful thing that transcends the flimsy bonds of simple kinship, group or herd.  We travel, learn and dissect the truths we come to know.  My truth is seldom their truth, although there may on occasion be similarities in our philosophies.  In the end, we travel and learn what we need to survive and thrive.  Not everyone was intended to make it to the end of the road, but we bury our dead, pick up our weapons and soldier on if someone falls.  Trust me, we’re all a feast for the beasts who feed on the carrion of those who went before.  No one makes it out alive.  Some make it farther than others, but no man lives forever. 

Back in the 1980’s, self-help guru Tony Robbins used to tell people he got where he was by seeing what others to succeed, and doing the same thing.  He would gladly tell you exactly how to do it, but you would fork over hundreds of dollars to attend his seminars that were… well… enlightening in that you finally realized you (and thousands of others) had enriched him with a few hundred dollars, and received platitudes and feel good pats on the back.  Most stayed where they were in life, because having the keys to the castle handed to them by “Tony” only worked if they could reach the castle door to use them, and he hadn’t sold them the map… YET.  It worked for HIM… he’s worth about a half a billion bucks.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

 It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

— Tony Robbins

And there is where it ends.  Enlightenment is in finding a way to make it that one step farther than those who came before.  To do that, you’ll fight and scrape and steal whatever “enlightenment,” or scrap of knowledge, that allows you to take that next step, nourishing yourself on the wisdom that allows just a bit more comfort, wealth and ease than the day before.  Sure, it looks easy to those who stand and watch the “enlightened” as they move ahead. And they fully expect to be handed that enlightenment like a worm from the mother bird’s mouth, but only fools just give their success and satisfaction away for free.  No one gave it to them.  They’ve earned it… or stole it from someone who did!”

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