The Invitation

by Jake Block

“Life is an invitation.”
— tagline

You’re born and pretty much dependent upon your parents for everything; that’s not going to change for eighteen years, and then you begin to move on your own.  This is the beginning of “life,” not as a biological function, but as a personal journey that can take us as far as we are daring enough and prepared enough to go.  Life is giving you an invitation.  Accept it and go.

Trust me, as you get older, the invitations are far fewer in between.  My advice is to keep your mind ready to recognize the opportunities that are presented to you, and have the courage to step out of your comfort zone to grasp them and take them as far as your skills and hunger are able.  Then, grasp another and build upon the success you have already attained.  Never let people tell you that what you want in life is impossible.  It may be improbable, but improbability is not impossibility.

Turning down life’s invitation is an option.  Just settle back into the niche that has been assigned to you and do the tasks as assigned.  You will probably live a long and relatively safe existence, have a wife and two kids, a dog and a mortgage.  Your back will be sore, and you’ll tell yourself, “It’s fine.  I have what I need.”  You can fall into a habit of living with “what you need,” and never achieve what you WANT.

The problem is that the invitations that life offers you are contingent upon your readiness to accept, based on the preparations that you have made.  Life will seldom, if ever, offer you CEO of a Fortune 400 company if you have a 6th grade education, nor will it offer you the mastery sciences or trades, unless you have prepared yourself with a comprehensive education in the associated skills and processes to help you succeed.

So it is with the Left Hand Path.  The old adage, “many are called, but few are chosen” applies.  A lot of people want to be “a wizard,” or “a Satanist,” or, in the generic, “an occultist.”  A relative few actually make it to the point where that can be legitimately proclaimed.  Many people will tell you that they have “made it,” because they have purchased the prerequisite books or have managed to find them as pdf files on their computer,  but that’s like telling yourself you are a piano master without ever touching the keys.  Mastery on the Left Hand Path, if it exists at all, requires more than buying a few books, downloading a few pdf files, or watching a few YouTube videos.  These things might pique your interest, but to BE is a matter of DOING.  And results matter more than attempts.

As most people know, I have a background in Satanism that began with The Church of Satan, and one might think that that being the case, I might hold the opinion that that philosophy might be superior to any other.  While I can say that it has been a source of great inspiration and the springboard to some fine achievements in my life, I am very aware that it isn’t for everyone, nor should it be.  If everyone were meant to be in the same herd… and herded people are STILL a herd, no matter how loudly they bleat their individuality, one cannot ignore or denigrate the accomplishments of others outside of their herd.  Success simply is.  It has no moral or cultural affiliation.

But the success you seek requires much more that simply looking at the memes presented by the thousands on the web, like a cow looks at a new post in its field.   It takes no skill, no insight or understanding to simply view and repost memes.  The odds are probably 90:1 that the people on the site you post them on have seen them all before.  And be honest… you’re posting them at other sites as well.  So much for them being “special,” or something people need to see because of their social, philosophical, or religious import.  At the heart of it all, they’re simply funny pictures of cats.  It they sincerely meant something to you, you should be able to analyze them and explain WHY in a post as it relates to the thread at hand or the overall thrust of the site to which you post them.  Sadly, most people who simply post memes by the dozen are intellectually on a par with that cow in the field.

Experience can make the difference, in that you’ve had a hands on encounter with the reality of the processes to which you subscribe.  When Crowley wrote about the concept of Thelema, he was writing from direct knowledge through experience and direct observation AND collaboration with others working to prove the processes he described to affect change in themselves and their personal circumstance.  This is the reason that his works are still studied and practiced by Thelemites around the world 72 years after his death. 

Life is action over inaction, and being involved in one’s life and one’s experience, rather than being an observer who claims “experience” from observations and the vicarious.  Those who succeed and gain the rewards of experience and application are those who accept life’s invitation to participate, rather than those who sit in the cheap seats and watch the game.

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