Abysmal Ocean

Abysmal Sea
Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint by Ryan of the North

Slish, slosh, rock and sway,
Rolling waters shove the vessel,
On moon lit storm the waters rage,
On starless day they boil and steam,
Woe to the captian on abysmal waters,

Howl and whistle, push and pull,
Unhindered winds tip the sails,
With pelting rain upon an angle,
With salty mists that sting the eyes,
Woe to the captian on abysmal seas,

Hazey lights and flashing clouds,
Roaring landless realm unbound,
Where the helm directs not,
Where compass spins round and round,
Woe to the captian on abysmal oceans,

Flicker, splash, smash and bash,
Scaley creatures assault the boards,
None dare smell the haunted haul,
None dare to taste the mold boards,
Woe to the captians on rotting vessels,

Waves and winds, monsters, horror,
Unknown below the depth of floor,
No anchor has tough the deepest,
No eye has seen the darkest below,
Woe to the captian of greatest unknown,

Sneak, slip, spying and waiting,
Amphibious shadow has come abord,
To stalk the helm and look-out’s post,
To eat the blind as they be sleeping,
Woe to the captian on shoreless oceans…

The Orders of The Sect of the Horned God

The Order of Pan
The Order of Cernunnos
The Order of Prometheus
The Order of Dionysis
The Order of Shiva

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