Hymn of the Sect of the Horned God

By Ryan of the North
*Special thanks to Thomas LeRoy, Lisa Corrine, Jake Block,
The Dark F00l, and Dimitri Hellemond for their linguistic

Here is the home of the wretched,
Monsters mingling with devils in revelry,
Four horsemen sing upon pillars of power,
Satyrs and nymphs dance in the hidden grove,
The spiritual realm devoid of all nonsense,
Darkness reveals the demands of the path,
A sinister alchemy is taught and undertaken:
To search the Earth for hidden pathways,
To scour the air for a divine point of view,
To steal the fires from the Olympian alter,
To bathe in the waters of abysmal fountains,
To sit proudly upon the throne of destruction,
The power of the goddesses returned to glory,
Birthing horns and hooves in ecstatic melodies,
With weapons of the gods shall the bindings break,
Shattering the satanic aeons with a vengeance,
Unique in perspective with intellectual sincerity,
The authentic gravitas of spiritual independence,
Here is where the left hand rises high in defiance!
The Orders of The Sect of the Horned God

The Order of Pan
The Order of Cernunnos
The Order of Prometheus
The Order of Dionysis
The Order of Shiva