Inspired By The Fear of Being Average

by Jake Block

When the graphic came up on my computer screen, I immediately found that its meaningful message was one that I could agree with, as I see examples of it pretty much every day while being online.  There are people with something to say, and there are people with agendas to promote and then there are people like this.  People who post anything just to give the impression that they are above average, although the substance of their musings prove beyond doubt that even “average” is a stretch.

I’ve found that the great unwashed masses of the world stand under a banner that must surely read, “STRIVE FOR MEDIOCRITY,” so the average wannabe is at least a step above the cretinous denizens  who are steadfast in their dullness.  The “average person” who trolls from site to site, hoping that somewhere, someone might find them at least interesting is more of a distraction than anything else.  Like the pesky fly that buzzes in your ear as you try to enjoy your lunch al fresco, or perhaps in a busy bistro in town, he demands attention that you are loathe to give, when all you really want to do is relax and enjoy conversations of substance with others.

Now I am sure that there are some “SOCIAL JUSTICE FOR FLIES” types out there.  Seems like every failure has a cause and someone to champion it.  And in the balance of nature, flies do have a place in the ecosphere.  However when there is an overlap between the strata of the ecosphere, it’s natural for the superior strata to quash any intrusion by a lower strata that has not earned its place by performing at an elevated level.  When an inferior strain of any species is introduced to the superior strain and allowed to propagate, the result is invariably a diluting of the superior caste, rather than a concentration of the inferior.  

Some people are like human flies, with little to do other than make themselves a nuisance to everyone else.  For them it is sport, or a compulsion that they feel makes them somehow special in their wasted little world.  They think that if they are effective at bothering other people and causing disruption in their lives, they might be elevated in some way beyond their unsavory and petty little lives.  We’ve seen this time and time again when someone involves themselves in conversations on line for which they are totally unprepared, with inappropriate, ignorant or inane comments that add nothing to the topic at hand and serve only to derail any  useful discussion.

They can’t abide the feeling that they might just be the average, everyday wannabes, so they put on their act that they think they’ve honed to a fine edge, knowing that they can bluff their way in this faceless world, having only the slightest degree of knowledge on any subject.  They’ll jump into the conversation and make broad, sweeping statements of generality, as if they’ve written the quintessential book on the subject.  When called on their lack of knowledge, or countered by someone who actually DOES know something, they’ll say they were misunderstood, or play the “well, what about…” game.  As “average” slips from their grasp, they’ll make a hasty retreat and hope you won’t remember their mediocre showing when they return in a few days.

Average is as average does.  And in most of the world, average is just fine, but here we seek to be “a cut above” the thousands of other pages out there and while we have no problem with average, so long as those who fit that category do it with dignity and a sense of decorum.  The average person has a million excuses for being average, but unless they put in the work to improve, the natural processes of stratification will always define their place in the pecking order.

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