Hello, Wall!

by Jake Block

“Even if you find your voice, sometimes it does not matter anymore,
when you speak to someone who is deaf by choice.”

— Dodinsky

We all have them, friends or associates who it is impossible to talk rationally to.  You know, the proverbial dolt who will argue with you as to whether the sky is blue or not.  Conspiracy nuts who don’t have proof for their conspiracies but read about them on line, and no matter how outlandish that conspiracy might be, or how often it has been debunked, “know” that the experts in the field are wrong, or are working for “the government,” who has some nefarious plot against everything that is good and healthy in the world.  You can talk logic, you can talk facts, you can talk until your face turns blue, but it’s like talking to a wall… “Hello, Wall!”

Now, you don’t talk TO a wall, because it just won’t understand you.  You talk AT a wall, realizing that you’re pretty much wasting your time, and you know that you’ll hate yourself for it later.  Time is a terrible thing to waste, and the human walls who are indeed “deaf by choice,” had their minds made up long before they ever engaged you in conversation.  They don’t want to hear truth or logic.  They only want you… someone… anyone to validate them in their willful rejection of any semblance of normalcy.  There has to be a sinister “THEM” to blame for anything that they disagree with in life, and while it could be the Bilderberg Group, the Masons, the Bohemian Grove or that perennial bugaboo, the Illuminati, YOU have obviously been co-opted.  Else wise, you too would be able to see their mysterious hands manipulating everything.

When I was a kid, my father would be speaking to the kids and, well, we were kids and pretty much ignored him.  In his frustration, he would shake his head, say, “Hello, Wall,” and walk away.  We didn’t get it as kids, but those of my siblings who grew up and had kids of their own report that they have the same experience.  I know cats don’t listen unless there is something in it for them.  Cats are smarter than people, who sometimes never learn that there may be something in it for them if someone takes the time to try to enlighten them about something.  Today I know that if I had listened to a voice of reason like my father, I would have saved a lot of time listening to those who assumed too much and knew too little.

I can plead guilty to taking time trying to correct or debunk bullshit about the Left-Hand Path, Satanism, and other subjects that come up as threads here on The Sect’s pages.  I will also admit that I am indeed surprised when, once in a blue moon, someone actually “gets it” and goes on to become an asset to The Sect.  But after years of watching the same scenario play out over and over again, I can say for myself that most of the “wall people” aren’t worth the time and effort expended on them.  Most are simply bullshit artists trying to convince people that they are something that they are not, nor ever could hope to be in reality.

This is probably one of the things that is the most irritating to me when dealing with some of the web’s self-proclaimed experts.  They go from site to site spouting their nonsense and eventually find themselves here.  Being that we’re a Left-Hand Path organization, some people seem to think that they can say anything that they want, and it will never be challenged.  This might have been the case on any of a thousand pages that they were on before they came here, but the problem they find here is that we can and will call out bullshit when it rears its head in our midst.  The Sect of the Horned God is, at its core, an educational order.  We feel a responsibility to be responsible in a quality control of the things that one will find on our pages.

Closely akin to the bullshit artist is the “Askhole.”  An askhole is a person who is constantly coming online to complain about something and to ask for opinions, but never takes any of the suggestions that are presented to him/her.  They consistently comes up with ridiculous justifications for their actions or for the results of actions that they have taken.

The thing with the “wall people” and the “askholes” of the web is that they are pretty much encapsulated here on this page, which is more open than our “for members only” pages, and that is by design.  Here we can give them “enough rope to hang themselves” before we finally just flush them out of our system.  At the top of the page you will find the warning,
If you’ve joined this group-site to be a troll or an asshole, don’t waste your time. We won’t take the bait. Find another group.”  It’s there for a reason, and we mean it.  They take our time, and that time is time wasted.  Wasting one’s own time is one’s own prerogative, but someone wasting MY time is something I take very seriously.

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