by Jake Block

A preacher one day was ministering to his flock, and he said, “God is great!  God is perfect, and God has given us this gift, this perfect earth!  Look at the skies.  Are they not perfect?  Look at the trees.  Are they not perfect?  Look at the universe.  Is it not perfect?  Look at the…”

Just then, a misshapen and crippled hunchback raised himself from his seat in the church and painfully made his way down the aisle to confront the preacher, shouting, “PERFECT?  PERFECT?  Look at me, you hypocrite!  God made me perfect?”

The preacher was taken aback for a moment, but then raised his Bible up in his right hand and looked adoringly to the heavens and said, “Perfect?  Glory hallelujah, brother, you’re the most perfect hunchback I’ve ever seen!”

Were we to look back at the totality of any life, there will always be instances that we can bring into question.  No one leads of  life of perfection, and no one stands above all others as a paragon of virtue.  Now, there are always people who do better than others, and probably better than most, but from Jesus to any other man or woman you’d care to name, they all have faults, and if they have faults, there will always be someone to bring them to light, especially if they have a cause or an agenda.

Now, I have active more faults than the State of California.  I know it, and I would never set myself up as some kind of example of the perfect ANYTHING.  So, it often irks me when I see someone, especially a “johnny-come-lately” piping up and spouting off about “what a Satanist does,” or “What a Satanist must be.”  Who’s to say that his or her vision of Satanism is any more valid than Anton LaVey’s, Michael Aquino’s, Peter Gilmore’s, Thomas LeRoy’s, mine or any of a hundred others who legitimately claim the title and not only talk the talk on the internet, but walk the walk in real life?  None of us are perfect, and I’m not charitable enough to just hand that crown to some smack-talking Jabroni off the street.

“What gives you the right, hey you’
To stand there and tell me what to do?
Tell me, who gave you the power
To stop me from livin’ like I do?

Remember, if you plan to stay
Those who give can take away.
Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”
— Power Play (Steppenwolf)

It’s interesting, and a bit disturbing at the same time, when people try to twist and turn themselves inside out to become associated with a philosophy that rejects the herd, then try to twist that philosophy around even more to abandon its very nature and become just another herd.  I suppose that trying to hijack a philosophy and force it to serve you might seem somewhat easier than actually developing and promoting one that you truly believe in, and letting people decide for themselves if they want to follow it.  My question would be, if you are so fragile and weak minded that you would accept such people as a part of your group, why would anyone want to follow you in the first place?

“As far as I’m concerned, I would like my organization, the Church of Satan, to exist as a cabal for the mutual endowment of those already occupied with interests and activities other than organizational. I have often stated that I like to think of the Church of Satan as an organization for non-joiners. Affiliation need not negate independence. Affiliation should be based on respect, rather than desperation. Respect for a set of principles and for other men and women who share those principles, yet who are not dependent on an organization to give substance to their lives. The obvious question arises: ’Why then, would such persons need a Church of Satan?’  The answer is,’They don’t, unless it can do them some good.’  Affiliation should enhance one’s life, rather than be a substitute for it.”
— Anton LaVey

Perfection is rare in nature, and that’s why we treasure it when we see it.  That perfect flower, perfect day, or perfect jewel are all a matter of perspective.  When viewed from another vantage point, flaws begin to appear and become magnified, the closer one examines the object.  A flower that looks perfect from a distance might be spotted with disease on close inspection, and a perfect day for your location could have tornadoes in another, and your perfect jewel could be loaded with inclusions.  Leaders and wannabe leaders have blemishes as well, and you often don’t have to do that close of an inspection to find them!

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