Dark Star

by Jake Block

We all need a place from which we know that we are on course and steady.  Sailors at sea search the night sky for that one star that is always true, and always leads them due north, and with that star in their sights, they can go anywhere in the world.  Without it, they might as well be adrift and at the mercy of the tides and the winds that billow their sails.

Dry landers too, know that they must find their sense of direction, even when things look the same all around them.  The Bedouin, crossing the desert needs to know which way to move, lest they be lost forever in the shifting dunes of the Sahara.  Tracking their star can take them safely to the Mediterranean Sea to the north, to Mecca or Medina in the east, or to a sparse oasis with fresh water and cool grasses.

Pilots in the skies, before the days of electronic navigation, found their salvation and a safe place to land by following the stars.  In the darkness, the sky and the land or sea below can all look the same, but their northern star, their blessed friend could always get them home again, as long as their plane held together at the end of its mission. 

But what of us who journey the dark passages of the mind, ever left on that mostly uncharted path to enlightenment?  Our solitary wanderings can sometimes leave us feeling a bit lost, and at the mercy of strangers whose path we might cross along the way.  But when we remember that these strangers are, like us, finding their own way along that path, we have to question where we actually stand.  Where is our safe harbor, that place we can rest and take stock of our situation before traveling on?

We, along that path, can’t find our star with a sextant, nor is it on any chart, or logged in any book of heavenly bodies.  It can’t bee seen in the sky with the naked eye, nor with the most powerful telescope known to man.  Our star, steady and true will only be found when we search deep in side and then we can feel it in our heart.  Our star is a dark star, and while there could be millions of dark stars, only one star becomes our own, and when we follow it, we know it is true and we know it will never lead us wrong.

From my earliest days on the Left Hand Path, I found one concept that resonated as true and right, and when things seem off course, I can always return in my mind to that set point and retrace my steps to see where I feel I might have erred.  Some might resonate with  “Satan,” some with “Lucifer,” and still others with “Lilith,” or “Sekhmet,” “LaVey,” “Crowley,” or a thousand other points of reference.  These are metaphors for what we found to be that kernel of truth in a sea of doubt, and returning to that initial point of certainty, gives us a “reality check” to see if we are still on course with our core beliefs, whatever they may be.

Maps made by others can be flawed, and the things that others might swear by can often seem off to you.  Trust that keeping true to oneself and one’s dark star can see you through, when it seems that you might have lost your way.  Know your dark star, and you’ll always find your way back home.

“Dark star, I see you in the morning…”
— Stephen Stills

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