by Jake Block.

“You always seem outnumbered,
You don’t dare make a stand.”
— Turn The Page (Bob Seger)

Every so often we see someone on line, identifying as a Satanist, who goes into an extended rant that “we” should go to war with Christians and defeat them.  Now, I can be a badass when I need to be, and I’ve been to war and a couple of conflicts as well.  One thing I learned was that a small, well trained force can defeat a moderately larger well trained force with the right tactics, the right equipment and the right men in the right place, at the right time.

I’m fairly certain that this was on the mind of George Armstrong Custer on June 25th, 1876, when he arrogantly rode into the valley of the Little Big Horn River, with his cadre of men of the 7th US Cavalry, expecting to overpower and defeat a larger, but lesser equipped band of Indians that he was certain were no match for his 210 troops.  He had split his forces, and chose to be the tip of the spear himself.

It took the combined Indian Nations forces under the fearsome Sioux War Chief Sitting Bull less than an hour to kill every last man of Custer’s detachment, who were then mutilated and left in the sun to rot.  Custer’s Last Stand, as it was romantically called, was more appropriately a massacre.  Custer’s 210 troops had no chance against Sitting Bull’s force of between 1,200 and 1,500 warriors.  It was then that Custer learned his own battle lesson, that a small, well trained force cannot defeat a massive, well trained force determined to win at any cost.

Ok.  Back to our battle-hungry friends wanting to wage war on the Christians.  I’ll be generous and give “The Horned Horde” a sizable force of 100,000.  The number of those who have any kind of military training and battle experience is anyone’s guess, but I would guess relatively few.  Then we have the women and kids, and the “wannabes” as well.  Still, it’s a big group that would almost fill a couple of Major League Stadiums.  Dodger Stadium holds about 56,000, and Yankee Stadium holds about 54,000.  Let the games begin.

In 2010, the number of Christians around the world numbered in the billions… a PEW Research tally showed their number as 2,168,330,000.  “Our team” had better be REALLY good, because each member of the 100,000 Horde is going to have to defeat 21,683 of their guys, so they had better pack a lunch.  Or maybe it might be better to take on the lowest major religious team, the Jews.  There are only 13,860,000 of them, still a good skirmish as the Horde takes on just 139 each.  Still, they’re going to need a light snack.  And logically speaking, if there was going to be a life and death Armageddon, it’s quite likely that the kissing cousins of Judaism and Christianity would form an alliance.   There’s a saying that applies, “Choose the hill you want to die on.”

The brilliant Confederate Cavalry General Nathan Bedford Forrest was once asked the key to victory in battle.  He said, “Get there firstest with the mostest.”  Good advice.  Arrogant and counterproductive  pride will get you killed in a battle.  Even if the smaller force fights, using a long campaign of withering guerrilla tactics, the same tactics that were the bane of  American Forces in Vietnam and elsewhere, they would still need some kind of force multiplier to prevail, and even then, with the tremendous disadvantages seen here, it’s still one hell of a long shot.

Back on the streets of East St. Louis, during the gang wars of the mid to late 1960s, a small gang might “woof” (talk shit) against a larger gang, but be very careful that they didn’t step over the line and find themselves outnumbered and surrounded.  Back then, we fought with fists, sticks, bricks, bats, chains and once in a while someone would go for his blade.  Guns were forbidden and considered to be chickenshit until about 1968 when a black gang known as the Warlords were rising to power.  Prior to that, the worst sound you could hear walking alone or in a small group through their turf was, “Hey, white boys… you like BRICKS?”  If you were smart, you dove for cover under any car close by.  Primitive though, as it was, it was a training ground for urban survival.

You soon learned not to “let your ass overload your mouth,” when your group was smaller than your rival, because sooner or later you were bound to butt heads and then, you had better be able to back up the talk with some up close and personal action.  I was a member of the State Street Boys and while we weren’t the biggest gang in East St. Louis, we were “known,” and when we showed up we weren’t there to talk, so we seldom had to show up.

Teddy Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States shared his philosophy of power when he said, “Speak softly, but carry a big stick.”  His entire quote was, “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you’ll go far.”  In this statement he wished to convey that he believed in “the exercise of intelligent forethought and of decisive action sufficiently far in advance of any likely crisis.”  He was no paper tiger.  He was a straight talking man who seldom bluffed in poker or in his dealings with people or nations.  In war, his was a strike hard and fast philosophy, but he also believed in always giving the enemy a way to back out and save face.

One can learn a great deal about power and being powerful from Theodore Roosevelt.  You carry your stick and use it when you need to, but don’t act like an asshole, or telegraph your moves. You may or may not be a legitimate badass, but if your enemy knows you are coming for him, you might as well wrap your ass in a big, red bow.   Before the day is over, it’s liable to be HIS.

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