Get The Message

by Jake Block

“Everyone is trying to leave their mark on the world.  That’s why there’s graffiti and babies.”
— Kristen Schaal

There is absolutely no difference between the person going from page to page posting Jesus memes and the person going page to page posting HAIL SATAN or HAIL LUCIFER memes.  Both are simply following the herd mentality of religion and its philosophy, the only difference is that one embraces it, while the other denies.

What it boils down to is an almost Orwellian dumbing down of the populace; an inability to think and express one’s thoughts and ideas beyond the simplest of modalities, i.e. cut and pasted graphics with no personal or intellectual input, just rank propagandized graphics.  It’s about as well thought, well constructed and well received as the words scrawled in public toilets anywhere in the world.  It appears as simple graffiti with no real substance or thought, indicating what appears to be a pervasive cultural illiteracy.

I would challenge people to be better and, if you REALLY have something important that you want to say, do it in a well written essay format, so that your audience can have a chance to actually “hear” what is really on your mind in the fullness and the complexity of thought that is part and parcel of the process of interpersonal communication.  If it’s really that important for you to say, then say it with the pride and dignity that your thoughts deserve.  You obviously have SOMETHING you want to say, and your computer even has tools to help you say it with spell checkers and grammar editors.

Of course, I realize that, the past being predictive of the future, we’ll see more of the same for the indefinite future, because when one is asked to step up their game and actually do something that takes a little personal effort and commitment, it’s just too damned hard.  Yet, hope springs eternal that I am wrong.

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