by Jake Block

So it looks like things are “reopening.”  

One of the things that I have re-learned during the Covid 19 pandemic and “lockdown,” is that even if you are, like me, naturally reclusive to a degree, the mind does not like being compelled to lock down.  It’s true, even if your natural inclination is to do so for your own protection, or in the normal maintenance of your need for privacy.  Just the fact that someone, somewhere, somehow is exercising an element of control over your movements, IF you would want to move, is stress inducing.  It’s akin to compelling a wolf, even if it is your pet, to restrict itself to a small luxury apartment.  A cage is a cage, no matter how comfortable it is.

So it looks like things are “reopening.”

That, conceptually, is a good thing, but can be equally unpalatable if it is under compulsion, when someone, somewhere, somehow is telling you that THEY have decided that everything is safe now.  “Go out now and be normal, because I am telling you that things are “normal,” and you should disregard the unchecked spread of the virus, the lowering, but still high body count day after day.”  My counsel, admittedly based on nothing but what I plan on doing myself, is to feel safe ONLY when you actually feel safe in your own mind, based on what you see and know in your particular environment in real time.  You (hopefully) have common sense.  Use it.

Lockdown under compulsion can be comfortable, if you find that place of joy within you and use it to comfort the mind.  If your place of joy is in music, art, cooking, blissful sex with someone who makes you feel joyful… this is the time to indulge.  Indulge intelligently, indulge without compulsion… indulge because it is natural for you to do so, and you’ll find that Milton was right when he taught us that man can make a paradise out of Hell.  But be aware as well, that man can also make a Hell out of paradise.  It’s all common sense and the judicious employment of “free will.”

I think that Three Dog Night pointed the way in their song from 1968, written by Steve Winwood, “Heaven Is In Your Mind.”

“Ride on the swing
In and out of the bars,
Capturing moments of life in a jar,
Playing with children and
Acting like stars,
Guiding your vision to heaven,
And Heaven is in your mind.

Take extra care
Not to lose what you feel;
The apple you’re eating
Is simple and real.
Water the flowers
That grow at your heel.
Guiding your vision to heaven,
And heaven is in your mind.”

So it looks like things are “reopening.”  I’ll join in when I’m ready.

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