by Jake Block

The Law of the Forbidden, as given to us by Anton LaVey in The Compleat Witch, or What To Do When Virtue Fails (re-released as The Satanic Witch), can be a source of power for women, but also for men wise enough to understand that as a “law” it is universal, and can, with some adaptation, be used by both genders.  The gist of it is that, “Nothing is as fascinating as that which is not meant to be seen,” or, as most of us have heard it explained, “Forbidden fruit tastes best.”

Think about it.  The things that we are told “are not for us,” are the things that fuel our desires.  From the earliest days of our childhood, the gifts for birthdays and holidays in their bright wrappings, we were told should not be seen until we were given permission, the magazines our fathers kept in their desk drawers were not for us, the drink of alcohol that we were told was off limits until we were of legal age to drink, the confidential performance reports our employers kept on us in the files kept in the bottom drawer… all things that we struggled with until curiosity finally got the better of us and we took a peek.  It’s human nature, and a simple act of rebellion, coupled with the fear of being caught defying authority.  We know we shouldn’t give in to our curiosity.  We know the old saw, “Curiosity killed the cat,” but still we’re plagued by our curiosity.

Within the context of The Compleat Witch, LaVey tells the tale of a woman in a strip club, a patron, not a dancer or waitress, who was commanding the attention of men around her, even though the women working there were in various stages of undress, while she simply sat on her barstool and sipped her drink.  With all of the openly displayed flesh in the club, why was she the object of attention for the men?

The woman’s appearance, anywhere else in town would be considered, attractive and fashionable, but here, in this place where the erotic and the openly sexual is the order of the day, she’s unique, an esthetic discrepancy, and an object of curious scrutiny.  In contrast to the scantily clad women employed there, she was wearing a comparatively conservative outfit; a knee length pastel skirt and complimentary button down blouse, medium height heels and stockings.  Her makeup was conservative, and she was wearing a touch of eye shadow, rouge and lipstick.  Her nails were manicured, and she sat quietly, legs crossed, sipping a drink.  Anyone seeing her might think of her as a woman just stopping in for a drink after work, or perhaps on a date with the man sitting next to her.

But still she commanded the attention of the men in this place.  She was just an everyday woman, dressed for a day at work or a casual drink and dinner with friends.  Other women might not even notice her, or if they did, might have something to say about her outfit, or of the attention she gleaned in this place.  But what of the men, who she held in rapt attention?  What did they see?

Well, for one thing, sitting there at the bar with her legs crossed has caused her skirt to ride up on her shapely legs, and they could see a bit more than perhaps she was aware.  They could obviously see a little more leg… and looking at the underside of her legs, they could see some soft, tender skin where the top of her stocking ended,  They could see the black reinforcement band at the top of her stockings, and a bit of her garter belt, petite and feminine, following it from where it clipped into place, and then the strap that disappeared under her skirt.  And as they slowly scanned her lovely legs, from thigh to her feet, which were covered in fashionable heels, they were sure to notice a small run in her stocking, like a small arrow pointing upwards, to pleasures unseen, only to be imagined fondly.

Tracing her body upward, they definitely noticed that one of the buttons on her blouse had come undone, it was the third, directly over her bra, which they could now glimpse through the gap that was there.  Soft, white, and with a touch of lace that almost called to be touched and enjoyed.  They watched as her breasts rose and fell with her breathing.  Rose and fell, breathing easily, occasionally shifting as she moved, or wiggled a bit if she laughed at a joke told by another patron.  The top button at her throat was open, enhancing her neck, as one followed it up to her face and a mane of soft, lightly tousled hair.  Her face was pleasant, with light makeup enhancing her features.  Her lips were wet from the drink she had just taken, and a trace of her lipstick remained on the glass.

And for a moment, for these men, the strippers and waitresses faded into the background as they ogled this woman who knew not that she had become the star performer… or DID she?  Was everything planned?  Were the elements of her dress and even the minor, but tantalizing flaws contrivances to elicit the attention she desired.  Certainly, each enticed these men to become entrapped by the Law of the Forbidden as, when they should have been engrossed in the openly sexual gyrations on the stage, they were transfixed by the “innocent” sensuality of the “everyday woman” who had become the star of the show.

Aiding her command of the situation was the natural, instinctive, compulsive power of their ECI… Erotic Crystalization Inertia.  The ECI is the “set point” for each individual where their erotic interest is situationally keyed by visual, aural or tactile stimulation.  Each of the men who became enraptured by the presence of this woman sitting in the club was responding instinctually to the “original sin” of his earliest erotic experience involving a woman.  Perhaps it was the sight of a woman’s nylon clad legs, or perhaps the chance viewing of a woman’s breast via a similarly unbuttoned blouse.  Man is a “visual animal,” and the visual aspect of ECI is perhaps the most easily triggered erotic hook.  There are as many ways for the ECI to be concretized in the psyche as there are people on the planet.  Of course, the effects of the alcohol they had consumed was a contributing factor, as well.  Taken all together, it’s a potent and magical event.

And because of it all, we find the truth of the Law of the Forbidden,  “Nothing is so fascinating as that which is not meant to be seen.”

The Law of the Forbidden has applications that go far beyond the romantic interactions between men and women.  When anything is held with an air or mystery or secrecy surrounding it, people will be driven to explore it and to find the secrets of others that they can gain for themselves.  The military thrives on secrets, and there is a term that applies.  It’s “need to know.”  Being nosy in the military can get you in a hell of a lot of trouble.  Signs are everywhere.  “TOP SECRET,” “CLASSIFIED,” and “EYES ONLY,” in offices and on printed cover sheets on documents remind us that there are things beyond our pay grade and scope of duty that we are not entitled to know for operational safety and security reasons.

There are places on military installations where a sign will be posted  that reads: “RESTRICTED AREA.  While on this installation all personnel and the property under their control are subject to search.  USE OF DEADLY FORCE IS AUTHORIZED.”  They are not just for show and dramatic effect.  There are things that you may not see and you may not know.  Rooms where confidential or secret conferences might be conducted have signs that might read, “WHAT YOU SEE HERE, WHAT YOU SAY HERE, WHEN YOU LEAVE HERE, LET IT STAY HERE.”  Trust me.  There are some places in the military where all that is needed for security is a simple red line and a small sign reading “Deadly Force Authorized.”  Usually a steely-eyed security cop with a no nonsense attitude is there to enforce it.

Sometimes, you might want to know what’s beyond the barbed wire fences and locked doors, but trust me, the penalties for trying to find out can be very harsh.  You would think that the severity of punishment would, therefore, be a deterrent, but curiosity, coupled with the forbidden fruit of national security, have been the downfall of many a young patriot.  And let us not be deluded that it is a foible of manhood.  It has been said that all men are voyeurs, but women can be equally voyeuristic, although it appears that voyeurism is a secondary ECI component with women, needing another significant hook, usually being sexual or emotional.

Now, don’t get the idea that The Law of the Forbidden applies only to strip bars and the voyeuristic tendencies of men and women, because if you know and understand this law, it can apply to many situations that we run into in life.

Remember: “Nothing is so fascinating as that which is not meant to be seen.”  Here on the Left-Hand Path, individual effort and discovery is the name of the game.  There are people who will guard their knowledge like it was the secret recipe for Coke.  They see themselves as the gatekeepers to enlightenment, and feel that to get past them, you are going to have to put in the time, do the work, and pay your dues.  The wisest are those who hint at the answers so that those who would learn from them can then follow the leads to clues in books and on the web that will lead to more and more pathways to knowledge, thereby encouraging the serious to explore and succeed, while at the same time frustrating and discouraging the lazy and insincere travelers along the Left-Hand Path, who most often fall by the wayside, never to be seen again.

In regard to the Law of the Forbidden, a glimpse of something “secret” can energize, whereas simple revealing of the prize and allowing it to be taken freely, simply encourages entitlement without effort and reward without justification.  The glint of a speck of gold in the pan can turn a hobbyist into a serious prospector is search of the motherlode.  It doesn’t matter what the secret, there is someone who wants to be in the know, and there is someone who, holding that secret, will do what they need to keep it hidden, with access only to the deserving few.  Knowing this can put you in control.

The secrets we hold are gold.  You can choose to give up a nugget or open the door to Fort Knox.  The wisdom is in knowing when to do it.

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