Herding Mentality

by Jake Block

The old cartoon by Rich Tennant still makes me smile.  In some ways it makes me think of the way Satanism used to be and what it seems to have become these days, at least for the younger generations of  those who claim the name of Satan.

We started distancing ourselves from the herd as part of the “satanic doctrine” early on into the LaVeyan school of thought, and in the decades that have followed, it’s become ingrained in the fabric of Satanism that we are not “part of the herd.”  However, in removing ourselves from the fold, a certain segment of Satanists then, for some unknown reason, adopted the idea that since we are not part of the herd, we should therefore be the “shepherd.”  We should now guide the flock, forgetting that being guided was the reason we rebelled in the first place.

To me, it seems to be part of a phenomenon that I’ve noticed in pretty much every facet of human interaction in which people part from one another over some philosophic or emotional issue.  Those who battle hardest to dissolve the relationship then spend an inordinate amount of their time and energy in trying to control the actions of the group or person they fought so hard to be rid of.  In my mind I hear the Funk Brothers backing up Diana Ross and the Supremes as they sing that Motown hit, You Keep Me Hangin’ On.

“Set me free,
Why don’t you baby?
Get off my life,
Why don’t you baby?
‘Cause you don’t really love me,
You just keep me hangin’ on.”

While Satanists are fond of referring ourselves to wolves, far too many of us are actually behaving more like sheepdogs.

Our time and energy would be much better served if we were to leave the herd and then place our time and energy into bettering ourselves, rather than clinging to those we rejected in order to live our lives the way we wished to.  If they survive or fail, let that fate be on them, as it is with us, on our own terms.  You have to understand that as “the control” couldn’t impose the ways of the herd on us, neither can we… or SHOULD we… attempt to do the same to those who remain comfortable within the supposed safety of the herd.  As it would be an unproductive use of our time to attempt it, logic dictates that our time and effort could and  should be placed elsewhere.

Never fear, for there are plenty of “good guys, do gooders and mob manipulators” out there that will still be there to steer them and steal their freedom, and treasure too, if they can.  There are also those who claim their own lanes on the Left Hand Path who, unbidden, have taken up the role of light bringers and saviors to those poor, unenlightened fools.  Let them waste their time, if they want to, hopefully freeing up even more time for us to devote to bettering ourselves, while they try to teach pigs to sing.  We have better and more productive things to do, for as those of us who are now “long in the tooth” learned back in the ‘60s, “Never try to teach a pig to sing.  It wastes your time and annoys the pig.”

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