Reality and Realizations

by Jake Block

While there is no doubt that the continuing pandemic is causing pain on any number of levels for the vast majority of people, there are things that I am noticing that I probably would have missed without this period of necessary isolation and introspection. Now this applies only to me, but I would think that if we all look at things objectively, you too might find some unexpected outcomes, both positive and negative.

Of course the negatives seem easier to find these days, because we can’t help but notice the things we’re having to do without, from jobs, in some cases, to the ready ability of foods and delicacies that we once considered staples of our diets, to shopping where and when we wish on the economy, rather than on the Internet, relying on Amazon or some other delivery service to supply our needs. We’ve also gone from many choices to, in most cases, a more manageable set of options, and that applies for just about everything from blue dress shirts to a choice of movies to watch on cable TV.

One thing that I have also realized, for good or bad, is that in my isolation, there were some people that I routinely missed while they weren’t around, that sense of distance and desire has waned considerably. While I was never that enamored of many people, I’ve come to the realization that with a very few exceptions, there aren’t that many people that “I can’t live without.” Certainly there a few that I miss, and there are a few that I might mourn, should they succumb to the Covid 19 virus, however we’re animals who must consider necessity supreme, in that our survival is of paramount import. This of course also applies to our immediate family who live with us, and are in this mess with us, but pretty much everyone else is in their own lifeboat and ultimately need to fend for themselves.

It could be that once the pandemic wanes, and things return to normal… or what will pass as the “new normal”… in the post pandemic world, feelings now lost of suppressed may return. I don’t think, however, that “normal” will be anything like that to which we were accustomed, but whatever “normal” becomes, those of us who survive and thrive will adapt.

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