My Thoughts Along The Path, For What It’s Worth

by Jake Block

I’ve been here with the Sect of the Horned God for many years, and in those years I’ve written hundreds of essays that are pretty much me on a page. Anyone who has bothered to read my essays on what I would call “practical Satanism” would understand that in my reality you either are a Satanist or you are something else. I’ve seen so many people attempting to be some kind of hybrid, based on their straddling of two worlds. What I bring here is my personal journey and experience in 50 years of actually being a Satanist, rejecting other paths that have been offered for what has proven to be right, for me.

LaVey spoke about this when he related that in his youth, while playing an organ on the carnival circuit, he would see people at the girlie shows, lusting after the dancers on stage, on Saturday night, and then on Sunday morning the same men would be in the front rows for the church services. Basically, they were sewing their wild oats on Saturday night, and then praying for a crop failure on Sunday. There are people today doing the same thing, here and on other Left Hand Path sites on the web. Hypocritically proclaiming themselves to be committed to the Left, they cling tenaciously to the right.

Too many people just visit the Left Hand Path to peek under the bed, assuming that there will be a monster peeking back at them. It’s simply a way to get that feeling of “eustress,” that “fun-fear” sensation of shock, like Carrie’s hand coming out of the grave, or some Halloween funhouse, knowing that the zombies aren’t really going to rip them limb from limb, but allowing themselves to suspend reality long enough to let their sensation starved minds feel something… anything… to make them feel alive. They talk about being called to “the Abyss,” when the “abyss stares back,” and they “survived their trial.” Next! Their never ending tales of trauma and drama, always bested , become almost like and old time serial drama. The hero or heroine tied to the train tracks, with the locomotive steaming ominously toward them and… CUT… in the next episode, Bobo the Wonder Dog throws the switch and the train is diverted just in time.

Too late, they find out that in the reality of life, when the abyss calls you, it’s no joke. Like the alcoholic or hardcore addict…. who says they can stop when they want to, they find that the abyss calls when it’s deadly serious… life or death… and you are its focus. Sometimes you don’t survive, other times you do, but you will always be fundamentally changed, in some way. The weak and the mighty are all subject to the summoning of the abyss, and only a fool thinks it’s just “some kind of a game that left hand pathers play.”

Life just isn’t some meaningless elective class where you read a book, regurgitate the right answers and move on to the next highest grade.” When you plant yourself on the Left Hand Path, you will only benefit from it if you are indeed committed and willing to sacrifice who you ARE for what you CAN BE. Being neither fish nor fowl isn’t an option for anyone, anymore. To put it into the biblical, one cannot serve God and Mammon… especially if you expect of find the spark of divinity within yourself. If you truly are traveling on the path, you will find that enlightenment, even by degrees, will bring real change to you and your world.

“Those who play with the devil’s toys will be brought by degrees to wield his sword.”
— R. Buckminster Fuller

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