On Change

by Jake Block

The world changes daily, often influenced by the actions and reactions of others that are sometimes strange, or not in your best interests. This might be because of an election, pandemic, economic upward or downward turn, or perhaps even a major sea change in human understanding of the world. In any case, a new reality might occur, and that new reality might be uncomfortable to deal with.

Ok. Change happens, and change has happened before, and change will happen again. One of the only absolutes in the world is that change happens. But for those of us who have learned that freedom is in the mind much sooner than it manifests itself in the physical world, change is simply an adjustment that can be dealt with.

Deal with it first in your mind. Engineer the world as you would create it in your own vision, much as I might do with a photograph in infrared. Engineer it in your mind and then bring it into reality, in your personal sanctuary and home. That’s the beauty of the satanic concept of one’s personal alternative reality space, whether it be in a ritual chamber for a moment or, like LaVey’s Black House or Rotwang’s abode in the film Metropolis, your own different reality in the midst of the outside consensus.

“Take extra care not to lose what you feel.
The apple you’re eating is simple and real.
Water the flowers that grow at your heel,
Guiding your vision to heaven,
And heaven is in your mind.”
— Heaven is in Your Mind (Three Dog Night)

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The Order of Cernunnos
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