3rd Annual Flambeau Noir – International Left Hand Path Conference


Portland Oregon, USA, Friday April 27th to Sunday April 29th

Event Coordinator – Jeremy Crow


Flambeau Noir: ILHPC is an exclusive, esoterically oriented event inviting rebels and iconoclasts of the Left-Hand Path to revel together, exploring the latest in occult philosophy, literature, music, performance and art.

“Darkness Indivisible” sums up the theme of our intention for this year’s event, which includes erudite presentations, ritual, live music, kitschy carousal and performances. The fascination is set in motion with The Decent of Ishtar, an initiation rite for Ziggurat of Enki on Friday night, and will continue onward into an illustrious weekend with an awe inspiring schedule of speakers and presenters on Saturday and Sunday. This temporary autonomous portal of incendiary bewitchment will conclude with “Darkness Audible” (the new musical and performative extension of Flambeau Noir) and a luminous line-up of performances by magickal people at The Lovecraft Bar on Walpurgisnacht Eve and a Full Moon in Scorpio.

Our Current Bill of Presenters Includes:
*VENUS SATANAS*- Spiritual Satanist
*PETER GREY*- Iconic Occult Author, Co-Founder of Scarlet Imprint
*REVEREND STEVEN JOHNSON LEYBA*- Ritual/Shamanistic Artist, Founder of Coyotl Church
*MICHAEL FORD*- Luciferian Magick Adept & Author, Magus of TOPH
*KOYOTE THE BLIND*- Tolteca Mystic, Shamanic Artist, A.’.A.’. Adept
*MONA MAGICK*- Medium, Seer & Worker of Magick
*PAUL FREDRIC*- Magister Templi of the Temple of Set, Grand Master of the Esoteric Order of Beelzebub
*SEAN DONAHUE*- Witch-Bard, Blackheart Priest (Feri Tradition)
*GRIFFIN CED*- Heretical Witch, Father of the Ced Tradition
*THOMAS LEROY*- Founder of The Sect of the Horned God
*MARCUS McCOY*- Alchemist, Blacksmith, Folk Magician
*JEREMY CROW*- Founder of the Assembly of Light Bearers, the Ziggurat of Enki, and Flambeau Noir

*ALKISTIS DIMECH*- Sabbatic Dance
*HORSE CULT*- Psychedelic Folkish Dark
*MEDICINE MOON*- Dark Folk, Neo Folk
*BRUJentrOpy*- Experimental, Noise, Spoken Wyrd

*ZEITLICHES SAKRAL*- Sacred Art, Momentary Mandalas, Alchemical Maps

*ROSARIUM BLENDS*- Alchemical Concoctions to Enliven the Senses.
*TROLL CUNNING FORGE*- Occult black smith forge focus on the creation of iron talismans and ritual objects.
*HOUSE OF ORPHEUS*- Scents that transverse liminal boundaries.

*DECUS* & *HOST CORY* (from KFFP Freeform Portland Radio)

*Early Bird Tickets (until March 31st)- $156
*Full Price Tickets (after March 31st)- $210

-For security purposes, the exact address to the event will be provided to verified ticket holders only.
-Physical tickets will be mailed to your shipping address.


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FlambeauNoir.org *coming soon
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