Join The Sect of the Horned God!

The Sect of the Horned God is a left-hand path educational foundation that focuses on “rational occultism”,  a symphysis of philosophy, psychology and mythology. We are not here to tell you what to think, but to rather offer you the tools that best suit the road you choose to travel. The questionnaire below is a basic application to The Sect of the Horned God, an initial requirement for all.  Once submitted, you will receive a series of follow-up questions that allow us to get to know you better, which determines membership approval. E-mail your answers to


1) What Best Describes You

  1. Atheist
  2. Agnostic
  3. Deist
  4. Theist
  5. Other

2) Which of these choices describe your personal philosophy?

  1. Satanist
  2. Luciferian
  3. Dark Pagan
  4. Sinisterist
  5. Other

3) Ritual is…?

  1. Meditation
  2. Mythological Reenactments
  3. The Art of Causation
  4. A Rite of Passage
  5. Other

4) Magick is…?

  1. Mental manipulation
  2. Illusion
  3. The Art of Causation
  4. A unique type of consciousness
  5. Other

5) Skepticism is…?

  1. Another word for cynicism.
  2. Being closed minded.
  3. The application of reason to any and all ideas and claims.
  4. Other

6) What do you think happens after you die?

  1. Nothing, I’m dead.
  2. Reincarnation.
  3. I enter the Gates of Hell.
  4. I don’t know
  5. Other

7) What is your primary philosophical stance?

  1. Existentialism
  2. Nihilism
  3. Epicureanism
  4. All of the above
  5. Other

8) Faith is…?

  1. The ability to ignore your doubts.
  2. Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
  3. A belief held by religious people.
  4. Other

9) Briefly tell us why you would like to join The Sect of the Horned God.

Thank you for taking this little quiz! We will get back to you as soon as possible.



The Orders of The Sect of the Horned God

The Order of Pan
The Order of Cernunnos
The Order of Prometheus
The Order of Dionysis
The Order of Shiva