Common Sense

By Victor ~ Member of The Sect of the Horned God



As a youth I was raised in the church. One of the main tenants that was taught, at what seemed like every sermon or teaching, was the idea  “we are to love our enemies, to bless those that curse us, to turn the other cheek”. In these and others was  how we would show the world the true love of God,  bringing the sinner to his knees. Even in my early teens I always felt that this was some how…..silly. Why should I freely give love to someone that would want to harm me and my family? What good will it do besides getting all of us killed? I battled with this a lot, to the point that this where I began my journey to seek a more common sense approach to who really deserves to be loved.

I began to look at other religions which I thought were not as “weak” as Christianity. I mean, who wants to serve a god that is willing to let me get my ass kicked everyday? I first began to look at Islam, knowing that they had a no nonsense approach to their beliefs. I liked the fact that they wouldn’t just let anyone bulldoze through them, and  admittedly it was appealing . But closer examination saw that this too was a religion built on fairy tales and absurd “rules”. So my  search continued.

On and on I went until I opened the forbidden door to LaVey and the Church of Satan. It was his words that finally opened my eyes to common sense beliefs. The idea that my love is just that…MY LOVE. I get to choose who or what deserves it. Not because some carpenter told me to “love my neighbor” but because I am more than just some leaf blowing in the wind. My love is more then a tool to bring “the lost” to god. NO! I’m not a leaf….I’m not a sheep either. I am a protector. Like the wolf, I need to to care for and protect my pack. In turn they will care and protect me. I need to keep my eyes open for any enemy that will try to take what is mine and I must fight to death to protect my pack.

It was a revelation to me. Now, I was more free than I ever was in the cell block of religion and no longer had to relinquish my pride and life to those who absolutely did not deserve an ounce of anything from me. It has also made me a happier person. I wasn’t chained to an unrealistic idea that we are some god’s clones and that we need to act like him or all those sinners will go to hell because I didn’t love them enough. I call B.S. on that. If a person needs my love so bad to feel better about themselves perhaps there is something deeper psychologically with them. Perhaps they need professional help beyond just me telling some random stranger or even worse an enemy “I love them”. I won’t let this type of vampire come into my life and drain away any of my emotions that only those I truly care about deserve.

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